Recipe for Carrot Cake

Carrot Cake
Carrot Cake

Carrot Cake was a tradition in my family. We always made it for my father’s birthday. My father doesn’t care for crowds, and I never remember going out for his birthday celebrations. Once, we threw him a party when he turned 40. But otherwise, his birthdays were a stay at home affair.

My mother would also make this carrot cake. Which was odd given on everyone else’s birthdays, we ate a lot of store-bought cakes (especially ice cream cakes) or my maternal grandma, the family cake baker and decorator, would make them.

Food processors are genius when making this cake. I have memories of using a cheese grater to grate carrots. Now, I just throw all those carrots in my food processor, and wham, they’re shredded.

This cake stood the test of time with my taste buds. It’s delicious.

Carrot Cake
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Pie Mania: Blackberry Rhubarb and Raspberry Rhubarb Pies

I went a little nuts making pies. I blame two things: 1) my love of it and 2) Twin Peaks. Jason and I had a little bit of a marathon, which included a lot of baking.

Twin Peaks loves pie
Twin Peaks and David Lynch loves pie

For the pie crust, I used my grandma’s flour crust recipe. Which is great as it makes 4 to 5 pie crusts and is easy to refrigerate or freeze if you need to use the rest another day. And if you have some extra, as I did, you can make flaky cookies.
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Sunshine Cookies

When we go grocery shopping, Jason always tries to buy cookies. Usually, I tell him no and he puts them back. Of course, then I bake him cookies as it’s cheaper, they taste better, and they tend to have less sugar so I can enjoy them too.

In our Halloween card, my maternal grandma included $5, saying to use the money to buy Jason cookies. Apparently, she was very offended on Jason’s behalf that I didn’t indulge his cookie-buying whim.

Grandma, here are some cookies I made for Jason. He is not deprived of delicious cookies.

Sunshine Cookie

The original recipe is from Melissa.

Sunshine Cookies
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Flower Power Strawberry Cake

Also for Jason’s birthday, I broke down and made a cake. I almost ended up not making it when I knocked my mixer’s large glass bowl off the counter and it crashed on the floor, breaking into a thousand pieces. I guess it was better that I didn’t have anything in the mixer yet…

Flower Power Strawberry Cake

This cake came out really well. It’s very moist and delicious. The original recipe is from Favorite Brand Name’s Cake Mix.

Flower Power Strawberry Cake
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