My Great Holiday Trip to the Other Coast

Santa lights
Santa welcomes me to Virginia Beach

My journey started with a trip down my hill. Normally, I’d drive my car down it, but there was about six inches of snow with ice and my road was closed. Thankfully, Kenny (my supervisor) was able to pick up both Jason and I up at the bottom of the hill. Jason and I only fell on our butts once each while going the four or so blocks down with the hill with luggage in tow. (Yay for garbage bags to protect luggage from wet snow and also long, waterproof jackets to protect me and Jason.)

Thankfully, the day we flew out (Jason had to reschedule his plane and we seriously considered not going if we couldn’t reschedule) was the first day that the Seattle-Tacoma airport was fully operational. Planes were delayed and lost, but we made it safely to Virginia sometime after midnight on separate flights. Continue reading “My Great Holiday Trip to the Other Coast”

More Snow

We survived the Snowpocalypse ’08, only to see more snow last night. And freak out.

Thankfully, the warm sun has melted everything. But here are some photos from the last snowpocalypse. The one that caused me to work from home, Jason’s original flight out to get canceled, and for us to go a little stir-crazy when our DVD player went belly-up.


Nightview Seattle in snow Nightview Seattle in snow Continue reading “More Snow”