Pants Magic: Another Adventure in Photoshopping

One of my biggest work projects is to take the raw clothing photos from the photographer and edit them by removing the background (and mannequin) and color correcting. By color correcting, the photographer only takes one photo of a product and I, via Photoshop, transform it into the many colors it comes in. The helps cut back on expenses, especially when a single shirt or pant can come in three to five different colors.

Photographers have a lot of product to shoot and not every shot comes out picture perfect. Most all of them have editing software, and they do a good job at adjust for major changes, which I deeply appreciate. However, sometimes I’ll still go back and fine-tune it.

On this particular pant, the leg was bunched up over the foot in an angle that would have looked especially strange without a foot present. So I built a new bottom for this pant leg.

Pants before Photoshopping Pants after I photoshopped them

Photoshopping Magic

Thanks to access to Photoshop, anyone can subtract (or add) wrinkles, freckles, frown lines, or those 10 extra pounds off a photo. The Seattle Times recently did an article called Photoshop: Memories – the way we want them about a woman who removed her ex-husband from her travel photos. Of course, not everyone has to photoshop that drastically.

Let’s face it, most photos don’t come out of the camera perfect. Not only do we have human flaws we don’t like, but there are often things like inappropriately placed people in the background. Don’t you know I was the only one at the Space Needle that day! Or the basic need to cropping due to photographer’s angle or they tell me on lesser cameras you still have to fix red eye.

When putting together my mom’s wedding website, I did some Photoshopping with these three photos for her banner. (No, I didn’t take them and they were super low-res.) I give you three befores and afters.

Image #1: Before Image #1: After
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The Joke’s On You, Webmaster

As a gainfully employed person with a busy social and home life, I often find that my websites are neglected. They can fall into such disrepair that my only notion of ‘updating’ them to current standards and design are to take it all down and start from scratch.

Since relaunching this site, I am making a concerted effort never to let that happen again. Especially when I found myself looking at my homepage and thinking that there was just something about it I didn’t like. Continue reading “The Joke’s On You, Webmaster”

A Little Fun in the Summer

Spring and summer always put me in the mood to clean. I know, cliche. I clean out my closet, my computer files, and whatever else ends up in my warpath.

A few years, some friends of mine and I got together and did a clothing swap. Basically, we cleaned out our closets, brought our clothing together, and swapped. Everything left over ended up at a charity shop.

I figured that we work at a clothing company, which means all of us women probably have four times as much clothing in our closets. So we had a fun late, Friday afternoon clothing swap and donated a lot of clothing. Remember, just say no to velor overalls.

Here’s the e-mail image I made for it:

women's clothing swap e-mail