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It’s come to my attention that there’s a commenter, upset at my post about dogs in grocery stores, that believes by not unscreening her comments, I’m not sharing the other side. But it’s not her opinion that caused me not to publish it.

My official commenting policy: I screen all comments because 1) all blogs get a lot of spam — both from bots and people actually just advertising their own blogs/services — and 2) it helps me moderate commentary and respond in a more timely manner. I do not tolerate commentary with profanity or personal libel attacks on this blog. Also commenters need to use legitimate e-mail addresses as it’s a sign of a legitimate comment, not a spam bot or troll.

To address my disgruntled commenter:

Puppy Mother,

I am not unscreening your comments due to you not using a legitimate e-mail address in your comments. (E-mail addresses are only viewable by me.) Additionally, your e-mail choice and your second comment is a directed profanity toward me, which is both insulting and does not make for a two-sided conversation.

I stand by my commentary that selfish dog owners should not risk other people’s business licenses by bringing their dogs. As for dogs themselves, I currently don’t own one, but grew up with them, and am not a dog hater. My dogs ran around on a fenced-in 20 acres and were very well loved.


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