Cooking with Erica: French Fries

I bought a French Fry maker kit. (Yes, I make French Fries, not Freedom Fries.) It works to a varying degree, but I still got delicious fries out the gig. In fact, I should actually call this Cooking with Jason as I was cooking our actual dinner while he was frying fries. Delicious!

French Fries are delicious

French Fries

6 Idaho potatoes, peeled
1/4 gallon either cooking oil or peanut oil (I went with cooking.)
salt to taste (I went with sea salt.)

Cut the french fries into about 1/4-inch strips.

Jason demonstrates his mad cutting skills Actual cutting

Heat deep fryer (at least 1 gallon capacity) with oil to about 250°F and use a thermometer to gauge.

Add the fries and cooking, stirring to avoid clumping together for about 3 minutes, until soft, but not mushy.

Remove with a mesh strainer and drain onto paper towels.

draining fries

Turn heat to high and heat oil to 350°F.

Plunge the fries into the oil and cook until they’re golden brown. Remove from oil, drain on paper towels, and season with salt.

French fry mania

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