Election Mania

I don’t know about you, but I’m loving these elections. Not in that I know who I’m voting for or that I’m a political junkie from way back, but in that they are so much fun when it comes to marketing.

There’s Obama, the Celebrity. McCain’s a POW, don’t you know. Biden comes across rather plain. And Palin’s family just keeps getting bigger.

But I say, kudos, America, we finally got something right. Politics are the big news and even the covers of OK and US had Obama and Palin gracing them, respectively. This is actual news, even if the gossip is still good, but it’s still better than movie stars flashing their lack of undergarments or getting arrested while slurring racist bullshit.

I also have to say that I hope 2004 was the last time there will be four straight, white men running for office in the two-party system.

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