Favorite female antagonist: Lilah Morgan (Day Twenty)

Lilah Morgan from Angel

Lilah Morgan
Lilah Morgan: evil and pretty awesome.

I love a character who can push the other characters’ buttons, and Lilah Morgan from Angel did just that. As a lawyer at the evil law-firm Wolfram & Hart, Lilah toys with our heroes, wears designer heels, and gets more invested than she probably cares for. Obviously, I love her for all of that.

Lilah is a professional through-and-through when we meet her. She knows what Wolfram & Hart is all about. Lilah’s chosen to join the law firm because she believes it’s the best for her. While Lilah is the ice queen, she does have her softer, more human moments.

But I do have to say that one of my favorite Lilah moments is when she cuts off her boss’ head with office furniture after she gets promoted to his position.

Lilah is incredibly effective as head of Special Operations. She keeps those at bay who try to steal her job, and Lilah also doesn’t let her job cross the line. In “Billy,” one her clients puts a magical misogynistic mojo on her male coworker who proceeds to beat her up. When Angel and Cordelia confront Billy to stop him (as he’s putting the whammy on many others), Lilah is the one who shoots him dead. (Even if it was under her coercion that Angel broke out Billy from a hell-dimension prison.)

While I’m often not a big fan of romance plots for my favorite female characters, I love when Lilah hooks up with Wesley. They have the perfect balance between good and evil and hatred and love. The storyline was very smart in that Lilah’s relationship with Wesley doesn’t become her entire life, just another part of it. Nor does she turn good because she’s having sex with a hero. Instead, their relationship comes to its natural end.

Well, perhaps a little supernatural happens… While Lilah and Wesley are broken up, there’s still tension, but Lilah is killed by the season’s Big Bad. I loudly cheered when she came back, undead and not a monster. The scarf around her neck from where Wesley cut off her head (afraid she’d been turned into a vampire) was a harrowing detail. Nothing made me sadder than when she wasn’t used in the last season.

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  1. Yay! Lilah was such a brilliant character. Her and Lorne were probably my favourite secondary characters; and that boardroom scene with the beheading was perfect.

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