Favorite non-warrior female character: Kenzie (Day Eighteen)

Kenzie from Lost Girl

Kenzie from Lost Girl
Kenzie always figures out the motive on Lost Girl

Kenzie is the human character on Lost Girl. She’s the best friend of Bo, the succubus who’s the show’s main character. Kenzie’s also a pickpocket, trouble maker (in the best way), and has her own sense of style.

In the first episode, Kenzie runs into a Bo in a bar. She’s picking pockets and is roofied by her target. Bo watches them, and she ends up using her succubus powers to save Kenzie from her would-be rapist. Of course, Kenzie films the whole Fae (supernatural beings) incident on her smart phone as Bo literally sucks away the man’s life.

Bo takes Kenzie to her home, and Kenzie is sure that Bo’s going to kill her. But instead, the two become fast friends. Kenzie moves in with Bo, and together, they open a supernatural detective agency in this urban fantasy TV show.

Kenzie functions very much as the heart of the show. She’s the one who “keeps it real” and reminds Bo that sometimes you just have to take the night off and play video games.

While Kenzie certainly gets in trouble, she’s not a damsel in distress. She has plenty of street smarts. And while Bo’s stronger than her, which comes in handy when you sometimes have to fight Fae, Kenzie brings her own cards to the table. In fact, by the end of Season 1, Kenzie knows more about Trick, the mysterious barkeep, than Bo and a lot of the other Fae.

I adore Kenzie for her fiery, yet caring spirit. I highly recommend adding Lost Girl to your TV watching list.

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