Favorite older female character: Wonder Woman (Day Fourteen)

Wonder Woman aka Diana Prince from DC Comics

Golden Age Wonder Woman breaks gold to save the day.
Golden Age Wonder Woman breaks gold to save the day.

I didn’t know if the meme creator meant older as in age, or older as when created, so I’m going with Wonder Woman who was created in the 1940s. Wonder Woman is meant to be part of DC Comics’ Trinity, along with Superman and Batman. She was created for women, specifically young girls reading comic books.

In the 1940s, comic books were a common and extremely popular medium to tell stories. During wartime, they were used to boost morale. Wonder Woman fought Hitler and the Nazis just like her male counterparts.

But at the same time, Wonder Woman was a goddess. She had the wisdom of Athena, the beauty of Aphrodite, the speed of Mercury, and the strength of Hercules. Wonder Woman was her creator William Moulton Marston’s ideal of the perfect woman, whom he thought would teach the world to love instead of go to war. Wonder Woman may have been idealized, but she also surrounded herself with women and taught them to better themselves. To be more like her by learning to reach their potential. While this may sound arrogant, Wonder Woman is anything but.

Luckily for us, Wonder Woman’s story has continued throughout the years. Sometimes, her story hasn’t been as wonderful as she deserved, but other creators have captured her beautiful world to share new stories with us. I’m hoping she’ll get a new TV show, and it will let the non-comic reading world see how amazing she is.

Personally, Wonder Woman is one of my own idols and role models. I seek to have the same grace and wisdom that she possesses. Also, I want to help and support other women in the ways that she does.

I’ve been reading 1940’s Wonder Woman comics and talking about them on my comic book blog.

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