GeekGirlCon ’12: Achievement Unlocked

Erica McGillivray as Buffy Summers at GeekGirlCon '12
Me as Buffy Summers at GeekGirlCon ’12

August 11th and 12th was GeekGirlCon ’12, the second annual convention supporting and celebrating geeky women. There were hundreds of amazing moments as a plethora of geeks (over 3,000) attended the 2-day event. I couldn’t be more happy or proud with what the GeekGirlCon staff has accomplished for our convention.

Some of my highlights (which are by no means the only highlights or encompass everything that happened, nor are they in any order of significance):

1. I actually saw a whole 3 panels that I was not part of! Which really speaks volumes about how awesome and on top of it every single GeekGirlCon staffer and volunteer (aka Agents) were. (I saw the Capes & Canes disabilities and superheroes panel, Greg Rucka’s spotlight, and the Masquerade.)

2. Randomly running into Cheeks as I stopped to chat with JoJo Stiletto (in amazing Scully cosplay). Cheeks got excited that our outfits were opposite colors. (I was in my Buffy’s cosplay of red pants and black shirt.) Also, we’re about the same size, so I think we need to start swapping clothing now.

3. Crossplaying Avengers. I love cosplaying, and they were fabulous. I wanted Captain America’s costume so much.

4. Talking with happy exhibitors and artists who complimented us on how we treated them. Go Agents!

5. Seeing all my SEOmoz coworkers down in the GeekGirlConnections room after the awesome Chicks Dig Comics panel. Everyone is just the best.

6. Everyone telling me about how my mom napped on a couch during the middle of the day Saturday on the convention floor. (That sleeping gene completely skipped me.)

7. Taking photos of LB as she put a zombie’s head on from Plants Vs Zombies and pretended to attack Tara.

8. While I didn’t get to see the panel, Husbands world premiere of season 2. But I talked to Sean and Cheeks about how awesome Husbands is and the history of queer representation on TV. We started discussing when we’d first seen Queer as Folk. Which at that point, I realized I’m older than both of them.

9. Julia reading us Madame President in the staff room.

10. Winning a game at EA’s booth and giving it to LB, who only won a tote bag. In the spirit of GeekGirlCon, the woman from EA offered me a second game.

11. Being part of the Chicks Dig Comics panel. (Buy the book!) It was so awesome to meet the woman I hadn’t yet and see the others again. Our panel got questions beyond the scope of comics — about community building, sexy geeks, and “geek cred.” All of which we covered awesomely. And our book sold out!

12. Got to chat with Ashley Eckstein about running geeky businesses for women customers. Ashely’s awesome.

13. Bought 5th Doctor earrings and a Stargate necklace.

14. Seeing real life superheroes, El Caballero and Mightnightjack, guarding our vendor space.

15. Being told by the convention center’s green coats that we were the nicest and best smelling of all the geeky conventions.

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