Happy National Coming Out Day

Today is National Coming Out Day. National Coming Out Day celebrates visibility for LGBTTQQA people.

I’ve been out of the closet as bisexual for over 10 years now. But like any queer person, can tell you that coming out never really ends, especially in a society where you’re straight until proven otherwise.

Sadly, this year has been marked with several deaths of bullied and harassed queer people (or assumed queer people). While, I’m glad that these stories are actually making the news — compared to be a hidden secret — I hope that some day, there will be no deaths to report. Sex columnist and fellow Seattleite Dan Savage has created the It Gets Better project, which is where anyone can upload a video speaking about their experiences and how as an adult, life gets better for queer people. Because it does. If one young person (or really anyone of any age) knows he/she/zi is not alone, then these videos have worked. There is hope; there is help; and there is community. You are not alone.

The following is my video:

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