Lost Girl 2×02 “I Fought the Fae (and the Fae Won)” TV Review

Hale and Kenzie prepare for a depressed Bo.
Ice Cream Check Vodka Check And a tranquilizer Just another Saturday night with the sidekicks

Vodka and a large animal tranq dart sounds like a good night, Kenzie and Hale. Also Kenzie forgot the Mr. Darcy movies. Bo is one determined lady.

Kenzie and Bo in the mirror
Mirror mirror on the wall Were awesome women with a plan

Let me guess, Porcupine Lady is a desperate woman in love.

Hale doesn’t do wing-man when it comes to hunting. I don’t blame him.

This Black Thorn guy is interesting.

The Black Thorn and Trick fist bump
The Black Thorn and Trick fist bump Okay they do some ancient fae handshake thing

Lauren has a last name; it’s Lewis. I have a feeling that we’re going to find out just what Lauren owes the Ash and why she’s bound to him.

Lauren and her dogtags
Lauren ponders her future

Good thing Kenzie is asking about how the new Ash is chosen. Hale’s adorable.

“When do we turn down a chance for a free party? It’s like I don’t know you anymore.” “Your mom ruins everything.” “Bangers and mash and Mary Poppins.” Kenzie is the best of all. Indeed.

Kitchen time for Bo and Kenzie
What is in that fridge Maybe they havent become better cooks this season

And then the stag shows up at Bo’s house. Why is this not surprising? Jason just started comparing this episode to the Hunger Games. Of course, she wants to see her sweetie first. Even after 80+ years. Of course, Bo starts comparing herself to Sabine. (And we won’t point out the obvious that Bo’s own parents were light and dark fae, only just more royal.)

Sabine and Haymitch discuss their love.
Flashback to old tymie time with Sabine and Haymitch and their true love

This Black Thorn publicist is pretty hilarious. He should hang around more often. I love his speech about the need to re-brand the light fae. “An obnoxious vegan.” And Bo gets a pretty red dress out of it. Plus, a date with Trick.

“I know you’re a little sensitive to penis-related rejections.” Hahaha. Of course, Bo’s going to save Sabine’s life. “I wish I could quit you.” Two Gyllenhaal-related jokes. Bo’s really wearing too much eye-liner.

Bo and Kenzie argue about boys
Pay no attention to the bad neighborhood Bo and Kenzie argue about boys

Oh, I love that Hale is rebel in his family. He’s super awesome. Yay for giving him more of a character this season.

Bo reads.
Bo reads insert obvious joke about reading through boob osmosis

Awe, Trick is super sweet.

Trick escorts Bo
Trick escorts Bo to the galley

Dude in green is totally a Colin Firth wannabe. Oh, someone just dropped drugs into Hale’s drink, good thing that Dyson has his nose.

Voting fae style
Fae voting is serious business Its all shiny and bubbley
Dyson and Hale
Dyson wants to make sure Hale will remain his pal if hes elected Ash Hallie

Oh, Bo and her pile of bodies. Heee.

Dyson does have a point. When did Trick become such a Bo/Dyson shipper? Oh, I love that the Black Thorn knows about Aoife and Bo.

It’s invisible man. It’s Haymitch. Cue more Hunger Games jokes. “I can see auras, and you’re hot for Sabine.” Bo is really big on the projection this episode.

Haymitch and Bo
Haymitch is the invisible stalker Creepy I mean true love True love

Didn’t the actor playing the stag have to show off her running skills? This seems just a little too easy. Yes, indeed it was too easy. Must’ve been some special arrow given that it went through her shoulder and she died. Oooh, they’re totally faking her death. Maybe Hale should’ve actually tried to win this.

The stag is shot in the shoulder.
Shot through the heart I mean shoulder Laurens right on time You give love a fae name

Good thing she’s not like bleeding from her wound or anything for that hug.

All I can look at is Bo’s boobs in this scene. Are they talking? Now Bo can be all sad.

Good call about the Black Thorn helping out Sabine, Trick. “It’s more of a gastropub.” Oh, politicking. Hey, it would be great if Bo knew more about herself and her family and why she was orphaned and all that.

There’s the ice cream! Kenzie has the best storytime ever. Lurve indeed. I love Kenzie offering to mess up Dyson’s beard. That’s what bff do for each other.

Bo and Kenzie eat ice cream.
In the time honored tradition of lurve and broken hearts ice cream

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