Lost Girl 2×03 “Scream a Little Dream” TV Review

Kenzie gets a splinter.
Broom 1 splinter Kenzie 0 Bo Sword

Love Kenzie fighting with the broom and Bo running in with a sword.

Awe, bff stress cleaning. (Yes, bffs reading this: the whole living together thing would’ve worked better if you’d stressed cleaned with me. Just teasing. Love you.) “You can be Cinderella; and I’ll be your little birdie.”

There is something not going on right in that retirement home? (It is a retirement home, right?)

These people are clearly under some kind of spell

Is the new Ash an “ash-hole”? I’m sure my humor wouldn’t be lost on Kenzie.

Bo and Kenzie play good cop, bad cop.
Just two ladies trying to pretend that everythings normal

Oh, Bo, don’t use Lauren as your rebound; she’s so much better than that. That’s not the kind of love that you should be encouraging.

Oh, noes, I feel that Kenzie is going to ask Trick for a cleaning spell. But now he’s suggestion she get a real job and work for him. Kenzie so has Trick wrapped around her finger. Kenzie is so cute as she asks Trick about the Brownie and if he’s safe to bring him home. Yeah that “don’t take advantage” of him is going to turn out bad.

Kenzie meets Mumford a Brownie Please send him to my house

“Always.” Lauren, be still my shipping heart. Duh, Bo, I could’ve told you that it was more complex than that. Don’t leave Lauren alone; that was freaky.

Bo swoons over Lauren.
Bo gets that soulful look one gets when faced with a beautiful woman you want to love

Mumford and his hot chocolate is kind of awesome. Can he come to my house and do the dishes?

What the fuck, Dyson? Wait, dream sequence. (This is though way hotter than the Sookie and Eric shower scene. Or you know, nightmare. Scary. (Also the way the nightmare lady was feeding off Bo was a little too sexual.)) Kenzie with big ass knife is awesome.

Sexytime with Bo and Dyson gets nightmarish
Sexytime is not supposed to go like this

Okay, now I’m feeling that freaky nightmare lady did something to Mumford. But wow, their house is clean.

Glad that Kenzie mentioned how sexual the whole thing was. That makes me at least feel a little better. Though I don’t know how I feel about nightmare lady having a sex-based power. We need more female fae with powers that aren’t tied to sexuality or powers associated with the feminine.

I wasn’t off called her nightmare lady. Mares.

Wow, Lauren has some crazy awesome tech there. Is this Lauren’s pad? Swanky and clean.

Bo gets brain scanned.
Bo gets brain scanned by something Lauren stole from Star Trek

“And Brownies never pay.” Mumford, you know how to go straight to Kenzie’s heart. Oooh, Honey Berry Crunch.

Kenzie tears up.
Kenzie never pays either Mumford

I love that Lauren has a cage with all her meds in it. The new Ash is trying to get under your skin, Bo, and he’s totally working it.

Lauren and her cage of meds
Lauren has some interesting house decorations
Bo defends Lauren from the Ash
Dont get between Bo and her ladylove Ash

“I have ears in many places.” — Trick
“Yeah, when you’re fae, you should probably use a different expression.” — Kenzie

That guy who’s waiting for the Ash has been sitting there for like 20 years. Oh, no, nightmare. The Ash’s throne thing does not look comfortable at all. “When I’m tired, my innie thoughts become outies.” Me too. I have the same problem when I’m sleepy.

Kenzie and Bo
Kenzie and Bo end up with another dead end and need Tricks help Or just some alcohol or coffee in Bos case

This is not the most horrible nightmare sequences, but not the best I’ve seen. This black stuff is weird.

Mumford's upset with Kenzie
Mumfords not very happy Kenzie

Mumford in Kenzie’s clothing is pretty funny. I love Kenzie’s solution for needing a Baaku (or however it’s spelled).

Mumford in Kenzie's clothing
How Mumford even made her clothes kind of fit him I will never know Some kind of extra dimensional powers His sock garters are adorable

Oh, Frankie and Connie, the worst pairing ever: the Sandman and the Nightmare. I love the twist that Connie’s pregnant and that’s why she’s extra hungry. (Even if it brings like double female-condition to the whole scene.) But I like that we’re dealing with ordinary dark fae as the others we’ve seen on this show have been higher ups or otherwise somewhat special.

The Sandman and the Nightmare
The Sandman and the Nightmare like a Neil Gaiman couple

Bo is kind of dumb here. She was pretty safe to stop the elevator. (Wait Bo’s dreaming again? What happened to her boobs? Did they deflate with her old makeup?)

Old Bo
Yes they go south But thats different than deflation

I love that the Baaku does his mojo via hugs. Awesome. Yes, everyone needs a hug while having nightmares.

Nightmare chasing hugs.
The best way to get rid of a nightmare a hug The Baaku looks very huggable Good casting

Oh, Connie has learned a few tricks about keeping people in their dreams. Wow, Bo just stabbed Dyson. That was very Buffy and Angel in Buffy season two, and you know, therapeutic after a bad breakup.

Bo kills Dyson
Bo kills Dyson Hardcore


Hugs are made of win

You might want to take off those pants if you’re going to give birth, Connie.

Probably the best decision not to get involved with new Ash on any level.

“I’ll play paintball in the kitchen. I’ll shave my legs in the living room.” Kenzie is so awesome. And with her sword to watch over the sleeping Bo. It’s okay, Bo, I can’t sleep either when I’m that exhausted. It sucks.

Bo can't sleep.
Isomnia when youre beyond exhausted is the worst

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