Lost Girl 2×04 “Mirror, Mirror” TV Review

Bo, Trick, and Kenzie watch Dyson with the ladies.
Bo Trick and Kenzie the only ladies who arent under Dysons spell

Those are some shallow and not very quippy jokes of jealously and brokenheartness. It’s like Bo’s so bummed out about Dyson that she’s not even trying. Bo, no one believes that you can handle it.

Spell books always lead to bad things. I’ve watched enough supernatural shows. So does invoking Baba Yaga, because she’s totally going to be real on Lost Girl. “Perhaps you’re concentrating too much on Dyson’s junk.” Though it’s really nice that they’re bringing back in Kenzie’s Russian heritage. (We heard her speak Russian in the very first episode.) Oh, no, I saw this coming with Kenzie trying to get revenge for Bo through magic that will work in some way.

Bo and Kenzie drink tequila.
Tequila the brokenhearteds bff Or at least your liquid bff when you have your bestie drinking with you

Kenzie really didn’t hear that exploding mirror behind her? Really? I know she’s drunk, but come on.

Kenzie calls Baba Yaga in the mirror.
Anytime you write on a mirror in lipstick its just bad news

“This is what happens when you buy wine from the bargain bin.” Truer words have never been spoken, Kenzie.

Kenzie wakes up on the floor.
The floor is not a girls best friend Though I really dig Kenzies pj pants

Ewww, Dyson, TMI. Was the threeway with Angelus? Wait, we’re supposed to think that Dyson is 500+ years old. HAHAHAHA. Good one, show. (Also that in all this time, he never found love. OMG, I just realized that Dyson and Bo are Angel and Buffy. Dyson’s in his detached jerk period, which may turn into complete evil times. If Bo has to kill Dyson at the end of the season, I CALLED it, friends.)

Wow, Dyson’s version of honesty is called douchebagginess. Hale is completely correct.

A Fae Sesame Street would be completely awesome. Though really, in this universe, Henson would’ve been a fae.

Bo's mark from Baba Yaga.
Everyones checking out Bos ass I mean her mark

I’m glad that we all figured out it was Baba Yaga early on. Though can we all agree on how to pronounce her name?

Hookers slapping Dyson, ftw. Though that poor woman being locked in the psych ward.

“We’ve been cursed by Kenzie!” LOLz. Did Dyson just say, “U-MEN” instead of “human”? (Sorry, had this professor in college that I didn’t like that always pronounced “human” like that and sour grapes. Beside, he probably says, “ORE-gone” too.)

“Back off or I will drop-kick you into a women’s studies conference.” — Best threat ever!

Kenzie’s aunt is a pretty horrid actor. But that photo of tiny Kenzie is awesome. I really hope that’s an actual photo of the the actor. I figured that they would get kind of nowhere with her aunt having any belief in Baba Yaga. Kenzie is right that Bo should not be making it with family members.

Kenzie's Aunt
Kenzies Aunt does her serious con woman face
Family hug time.
Forced family hugs are always the very best

Did Dyson just say “shite”?

“I’m so scared that I can’t even swear.”

Kenzie realizes that Baba Yaga's really coming.
Kenzie realizes that Baba Yagas really coming

Of course, Kenzie sacrifices herself. Saw that one coming. Also I feel bad for Kenzie as this would be like me going on a Borg ship or being in Alien. (Thanks, dad, for letting me watch that one scene when I was like 5.)

Bo and Kenzie's Aunt
Bo comforts Kenzies Aunt with her boobs

Baba Yaga’s cages for her girls seems very Doctor Who. I’m kind of waiting for the Doctor to show up. It’s very spaceship-like.

Of course, Kenzie doesn’t know how to peel potatoes, and she’s very correct that she doesn’t obey the rules.

Baba Yaga's captured girls peel potatoes.
In Soviet Russia potatoes peel you

If you need a fat girl for dinner, why would the girl being slaughtered be a random choice? Doesn’t seem like the best eating decisions. Oh, Kenzie, you should’ve grabbed one of those bones to bribe guard dog guy with.

Bead to pick the girl to eat.
Worst way to decide which girl to eat Either you have dinner or just a tiny snack

Chloe the Nymph is pretty awesome; and Dyson is batting for zero even with those not under Baba Yaga’s spell. But I guess that technically, it’s lifted.

Chole and Dyson drown Bo to send her to Baba Yaga's realm.
This is not usually what happens when Bo takes 2 people home

Oh, I love Kenzie doing her grifter thing when Baba Yaga. And somehow I knew it would involve training the guard dog guy.

Baba Yaga and her dog
Baba Yaga needs to keep better pets

Wow, this is brutal episode. Drowning Bo. Eating young girls. I didn’t expect Bo to be kicked out of the world. And to almost die. I love that Kenzie is going to be the one who gets herself out of own problem by confronting both her nightmare and her childhood trauma. I love her kicking Baba Yaga into her own fire.

Kenzie fries Baba Yaga.
Kenzie shuts that oven door with no regrets

Also the scene where Bo comes back, it was hard for Dyson to look like he didn’t love Bo.

Kenzie's all wet, but happy.
Kenzies all wet but happy endings

I love Kenzie and Bo’s friendship. They are super awesome. Though it looks like Baba Yaga may make a reappearance. Or it’s supposed to be like a horror movie ending where everyone thinks she’s clear of danger, but not really.

Baba Yaga's hand
Shell be back Maybe

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