Lost Girl 2×05 “BrotherFae of the Wolves” TV Review

“You’re a policeman who’s also his own police dog.” I love this line a lot.

Ooh, wet t-shirt contest. So Dyson has to take off his shirt and express his love to other wolf dude with the Irish accent: Caden.

Dyson and Caden
Does this homoeroticism need a caption Hoyay brings all the man loving fangirls and boys to the yard

I’m rather unsure how I feel about Kenzie finding the male-bonding stuff all hot. Is she fandom in this story?

Dyson sits in a chair.
Dyson sits large in that chair One word balls

Flashbacks are bad. Really bad. Especially with Dyson’s white man braids/dreads that some bad hairstylist put in. I guess it now makes a little more sense to why Dyson said “shite” a couple episodes back.

Wait, Dyson had another lady-love friend… Or an interest in his best friend’s wife. Who’s apparently dead, but I have a feeling she’s not as dead as she seems to be. OMG, if Dyson’s supposed to be Irish and forgot it, he’s even more like Angel. I’m starting to be convinced that this season is a rewrite of Buffy, only sex-positive.

The fighting wolves of ole tyme
Dyson always the voyeur when it came to love

Bo stop being too brave and stupid for Lauren. But at the same time, Lauren wouldn’t have run to Bo if she didn’t want to be saved. I really love Lauren’s cashmere sweater. It looks so soft.

Bo lets Lauren stay.
Lauren my beautiful lady love please stay in my house instead of being locked away by your master

Let’s go to the docks in the mysterious city that they can’t name because they might sell production rights to America.

Flashbacks continue to be bad. They’re like the cheaper version of Roar. Only Heath Ledger looked better in leather pants. Oh, look, it’s the first time that Dyson bargained with the Norn or tried to.

Dyson in the old times
Dyson tries on Braveheart He looks silly
The Norn laughs at him For his dumb hair

Wow, that Cumberbatch guy is a jerk, even if his scarves/ascots are awesome. I hope Bo’s hand is okay.

Bo's trapped in a net.
Cumberbatch nets Bo Not the way to her heart

Good thing, she can go play doctor with Lauren back at her home. Or she can just have with Caden, I guess, because that’s not weird at all. Also Bo’s bedroom doors are totally open. Lauren is clearly stress baking. (But really, if those cupcakes weren’t cool yet, you can’t frost them, and they were somehow magically frosted. Maybe Lauren does have Fae powers. Fae baking powers. She can totally be my girlfriend.) Though Caden does not look so great in that underwear, a little too many beers.

Lauren stress bakes.
I understand Lauren I too will stress bake It helps with the sexual tension
Bo, Caden, and Lauren
This is why boys are gross

Ooh, I really like Kenzie’s top at the auction. (Alas, no good screencaps.)

Velma is the best Fae ever. Yes, finally a female fae without female-associate powers. Poor Velma though and her dementia. Apparently, Fae don’t have good nursing homes for their kind. And really, Bo, you don’t say your plan out-loud in a crowd that probably has some good hearing. Especially when all eyes are on you after you won a really big auction.

Velma a worm who shoots death rays
Everyone acts shocked
Quick actors you want to be shocked as there are special effects to be added later

Figures that Caden would’ve known the guy auctioning off Velma and that he’s in on it. Old friends that we never talk about always turn out to be up to no good.

Caden, Cumberbatch, and Velma
Evil scarves Evil old friends Evil

And there be more ridiculousness in flashbacks and Dyson’s being all angsty pants. Oh, I was totally confused in that I thought this Stephan dude was Caden, not so much. Wow, flashbacks were even more pointless than I thought they were. “I shouldn’t have used my wolf on you.” That didn’t sound as you intended, Dyson.

Caden dies.
Caden still loves Dyson Even if he killed him

I called it that Ciara wasn’t actually dead. And now Dyson has another love interest. Bo wants a little loving too.

Ciara is alive.
Ciara is alive and so is Dysons pants and Bos jealousy

No, Ciara, Dyson just wants to be an angst puppy in the corner. Okay, maybe he changed his mind. Or you know, the blood went the other direction.

Did Bo just give Lauren the same speech that Dyson gave Ciara? But then Bo goes toward her bedroom…what…

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