Lost Girl 2×06 “It’s Better to Burn Out Than Fae Away” TV Review

Even the Morrigan looked bored by her A plot

So I ended up watching this episode twice, and not just because of that scene my friends. Though that helped. Actually, our good friends in Canada, who are the only people who air Lost Girl, had some glitches, so I had to watch it again without glitches. But this did prevent me from doing my normal live-type reviews because I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to watch the entire episode.

Anyway, I’m not so happy that Lauren has all these dark secrets, only in that it makes Dyson look like the better person. (Except in Dyson’s whole recent womanizing ways, which really since he got his new lady love, I don’t think that the show’s going to be moving forward with.) Seriously, Lauren looks like a straight-up asshole twice. Everytime that Bo has sex with her, she’s like “oh, yeah, I’m spying on you for the Ash and I’m his human slave” or “oh, yeah, I actually have a girlfriend, who’s on ice as she’s sick or something.” I do think, because the show’s mostly well-written, that Lauren’s situation comes across as more complex than that. She does have the whole scene where she tells her girlfriends how Bo cares about her and takes care of her. Plus, they could’ve had an open relationship. But this still doesn’t negate the fact that Lauren never told Bo.

Bo and Lauren snuggles.
Bo and Lauren snuggles You were expecting me to put a sexy screencap right

The episode itself, the A-plot, wasn’t worth watching the main episode for. There clearly wasn’t enough Kenzie, and I still don’t know how I feel about her whole threatening to kill Lauren scene. The plot with Vex, the Morrigan, Jason, and Bianca was just icky and boring. Seriously, I would like the Dark Fae to be presented — for once — as not straight up, black hat, tie you to the train tracks evil. That would be a nice twist. And Vex’s dom was both unsurprising and also needed some helped with direction and realism. Usually their research is better than this.

Morrigan graffiti
Oh Jason everyone knows the Morrigan doesnt do the killing herself
Vex tied up
As Kenzie later commented what are you wearing dude

I’m really interested to learn more about Lauren’s girlfriend, and everything else around that.

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