Lost Girl 2×07 “Fae Gone Wild” TV Review

Kenzie and Bo restrain from peeking
The ladies show restraint A lot of restrain in front of a key to a mystery

Oh, Kenzie, everyone wants Bo to open it too. But yeah, she’s too much of a goody-goody. And all brokenhearted.

Wait, did this become a Mark Millar comic? Suddenly, I’m getting some crazy flashbacks to some bad movies. Obviously, they’re fae women. Also Hale and Dyson need to be more on guard. Slackers. Someone in costume likes leather, a lot.

Robber Strippers
These are some weird outfits

Oh, the dude’s supposed to be human. Interesting. Good thing Dyson’s all Captain Obvious to tell us that the women were fae. Though I do think that their plan was pretty ingenious. Except in that most men’s clothing doesn’t fit women and most cop clothing isn’t very flattering. (Unless it’s tailored for TV.)

Ooh, I love this twist of Sherie’s mom coming to Bo for help. And also, yay for not bringing everyone to their house for once. “Simple tree folk.” Yes, ladies, at least you now know the routine. I can’t wait for their sneakiness.

Missing girl's mom
Yes simple tree folk No one believes your story

Oh, Hale, you are the best. You can do your little rants anytime of the day. You’re so awesome.

For someone who charms people as part of his fae powers Hales not tolerant of those seduced by fae powers

Good thing that Bo has boob pockets as she’s not very stealthy. Zephr is very, very dead. “Officers, I’d like to report a murder.” Better the cops than the killers.

“Human?” “Memphis rub.”

I so did not recognize Ciara at all. She looked like a giantess. I know Trick is little person, but she also looked like she towered over the chairs and Bo and Kenzie.

Time to pretend we're not up to something.
Ciara is a GIANT Its her secret fae power

“Lap dances. Implants. Strippers. Oh, my.” I love you, Kenzie. A lot. Sadly, looks like lady fun times at the strip club is going to be crashed by the boys. “Ladies, start your vajayjays.” Hypnotizing powers would come in handy to get good tips while stripping. Figures that the “Licky” song is by Princess Superstar. Seems like Bo’s a little more entranced than she realizes too. Or maybe just horny.

Kenzie is mesmerized.
Kenzie gets in touch with her inner lesbian
Bo and Kenzie check out the ladies.
Girl bonding time over pretty girls This is like when I party with my friends

Hale playing bad cop is pretty awesome.

Trick is playing Risk with the Light and Dark Fae pieces. He’s such a nosy meddler. It also looks like relations aren’t going so well even with the new Ash, making me think that the Ash’s not going to be around for long. (Also, why haven’t we seen him call on Bo? She did make that deal with him to save Kenzie, after all.)

Trick’s sigh of annoyance is pretty awesome. OMG, it’s an Evil Hand episode. Win. At least it’s snuffed with milk.

Oh, Dyson, you need to start respecting Lauren a little more. At least he seems to have grown a nice bone in his body.

Bo and Lauren, lying to each other on the phone. Girls, just make up and make out.

Bo gets a call from Lauren.
Lauren makes Bo really happy

Nice to see that Dyson is also being nice to Bo again. Interesting that this strip-joint owner dude can have power over a fae that can hypnotize someone. Oh, he’s got some fae powers or at least a fancy fae valut himself. He must’ve found it in the ocean.

Bo is busted.
I dont know why Bo didnt think that Dyson and Hale wouldnt catch her So stealthy undercover

“You took a picture of an invisible safe.” Good thing that Hale can use Photoshop. He’s the best cop.

Oh, the creep is fae too. That makes more sense. Of course, he’s an evil dark fae.

Bo checks out the fishes.
My what big fishes you have

That’s so awesome that Kenzie and Bo have been reading up on different types of fae and are able to identify what Sherie and her mom are. Also glad to get some Kenzie backstory about her being a runaway, but one that would also reunite with her mom. (Which is why Bo and Kenzie understand each other.) Creepy dude, Lewis, has Sherie’s pelt and apparently a bunch of other women’s.

Bo helps light the candle.
Bo takes the law into her own hands Or a killers I dont think this is going to be the first time we see Bo defying both fae rule and human law this season

Oh, that evil hand is going to put a snag in Bo’s plan. Or maybe Dyson and Hale. That is a pretty crazy hand. Oh, yes, of course it goes all evil and good thing Bo knows how to stop it.

Evil hand!
Evil hand I knew this was going to happen sooner or later

Dyson’s still a police officer, Bo. He’s not exactly going to let Sherie go. Oh, Sherie, way to make Dyson over-identify with your situation and make him change his mind. And then they’re going to fake a crime scene.

Hale and his gun
Hale does the cop thing while everyone else is distracted by emotions

I love how much Trick cares about both sides of the fae, even if they don’t realize that he does. And I have a feeling that there’s something magical/special about Lauren’s girlfriend in all of this.

Awe, what a lovely mother-daughter reunion. I love all her mother’s warnings. They are so sweet. “Don’t take off your pelt for just anyone.”

Family reunion
Sherie and her mom are reunited Bo looks a little jealous

Apparently, Dyson hasn’t been naked enough to fulfill his contract.

Ooh, it’s a blind rage thing. Interesting. I love Trick consulting with Lauren.

Yay, I’m glad that Bo’s coming clean and bringing the cure for Lauren’s lady. Wow, five years in a coma is a very long time. Yes, we’re finally getting the backstory. Interesting that Nadia is human; I hadn’t expected that at all. And the cure is now a riddle. Oh, show, you know how to keep me very interested, don’t you.

Lauren gets her package.
Lauren gets her present Not the typical kind you get from your lady love about your other lady love
Witch doctor curse nail
Its a nail

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