Lost Girl 2×08 “Death Didn’t Become Him” TV Review

Lauren in her lab.
Fae secrets that everyone already knows about Lauren

Body bags, sexy. Really, Lauren, you’d think that was a blow-off. Even in the magical fae world of…well, magic. And with all those things you see all the time. That would sound like a brush off, not like you’re a crazy lady.

Also, seems like we haven’t cast who’s going to be playing Nadia. She better have a hot smile.

I’m so thrilled that we’re finally having some gay men on Lost Girl, and I love that Donny is Trick’s oldest friend. What a freaking sad story. I’m so glad this is backed up by Hale being a lady killer for comedy relief. Wait…does this mean that Hale won’t be in the rest of this episode? This is sad.

Trick and Donny
Trick comforts his oldest friend Donny Is that tea or liquor

“What is she a fae Doogie Howser?” Lol pants. No, Hale is so much more interesting, Tori. Kenzie is now here to mix it up. And clearly over-identifying a lot.

Kenzie saves Hale from babysitting
Kenzie is clearly too excited for this to be a good idea

Apparently, it’s someone who collects famous dead people and manipulates emotion. Gross. Way gross. He can’t be sanctioned by anyone.

Chris is risen from the dead
Sorry Chris youre now being controlled by the Lich

Ewww… Gary is a little gross. I hope that he regenerates those fingers because that could be inconvenient. “Tofu, Gary. Tofu four times a day.” Awesome threats there, Bo.

Gary, the finger biter
Gross dude

Kenzie turning Trick’s bar into a dance club is pretty hilarious.

Wow, they solved this mystery pretty freaking quickly. Clearly this Lich is dying or rotting or something.

And how’d I guess that Kenzie and Tori would disappear when Hale was one the phone. Seriously, Hale needs to watch Ferris Buller’s Day Off or something.

Dyson’s getting all alpha wolf on saving Bo again. Oh, Bo, nice save there. That dude is smarmy city.

I kind of love when fae freak out about fae things. How very right that Donny would be upset though. Wow, Trick, this is a depressing speech. This whole picture of Dorian Grey is interesting.

Oooh, Lauren is Bo’s date. Though is it smart to bring a human on a mission for a guy who eats flesh?

Lich takes Lauren and Bo by the hands
Most awkward first date Bo Good job

I love Bo and Lauren, and it’s never a good thing when I start to ship. That just means a lot of pain. A boatload of pain.

This Lich dude sounds like a bored rich person.

Chris dances
Chris dances But all that glitters is not gold

Really, Hale didn’t think to look at Kenzie and Bo’s house. Looks like Kenzie brought home more than she bargained for. Also Hale’s a total germaphobe. I can related, man. Totally relate. But you do get to undress Hale, Kenzie. Hale who’s like totally ripped (and the actor’s rather self-conscious about being shirtless as he keeps sucking it in…what, I don’t know, his muscles).

Hale and his abs
Damn No words
Kenzie swoons for Hale
Kenzie isnt complaining about the view

Whatever’s going to cure Nadia seems like it’s also a big fae secret. I wonder if it’s something that would help a human overpower a fae. Seems like one of the only things they’d really guard. Lich definitely knows something.

the Audience
The Lich shows off his posse Such an unlikable guy that he has to mind control them to hang around

Oooh, hints of Trick’s backstory and why he runs the bar. I always love Trick’s 6th sense of when someone’s trying to snag something and get themselves into trouble.

Why didn’t Bo think they’d turn on her when she tried to kill the Lich? I’m kind of surprised that this Lich guy has never run into a succubus. I didn’t think they were actually that rare. Wow, Lich had a horrible life if he’d never experienced passion.

Coffee? Wow. Also doesn’t Hale have his magically siren song that cures hangovers? Didn’t we already do that last episode? Ooh, there’s going to be hugging and then maybe some kissing. I can go with that.

No, they can’t kill Lauren! Oh, look it, Bo has some crazy superpowers. Don’t piss her off. Or threaten her girlfriend. She’s all Galadriel after the One Ring. Snap. Good thing Bo managed to do that reverse chi thing. But doesn’t that mean smary dude would still be living. Maybe this whole super-duper powers are the reason why the succubi are rare.

The Lich threatens to kill Lauren
Oh no you dont threaten to kill Lauren Because you know what happens
Bo is all-powerful
Bo goes all One Ring to Rule Them All on your ass

How do they know that Tori’s dead? Did they check her pulse? Or call Dyson?

Nadia’s been cursed! Twist!

Good to know that Chris isn’t going to be staying alive forever. I was wondering about that. There’s a lot of themes about lovers this season.

Dyson’s totally the only adult who checks her pulse… okay, knows anatomy. Also, Hale couldn’t actually sell Kenzie. She’s Bo’s.

Lauren, you’re totally macking on Bo in front of your cursed coma’d girlfriend! Is it Sunday yet?

Lauren kisses Bo
Making out in the lab near your comad girlfriend Hot

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