Lost Girl 2×09 “Original Skin” TV Review

Oh, Kenzie, you are a woman after my heart. Shoes are very, very important. They are pretty and awesome. I’m with Kenzie that everyone needs to see her stems in those shoes. And I love that she’s dancing around in them.

Kenzie's fabulous shoes
Kenzies fabulous shoes

Oh, Bo, your heart may be on the mend, but you’re not alone.

Bo wearing her depressing clothes.
Bo wearing her depressing clothes

Disguises! So ridiculously fun!

Bingo night, for the win. Of course, Hale notices Kenzie’s shoes. He’s the always fashionable one. And then Lauren shows up.

Of course, Hale and Dyson are the only ones at the bar. Who else?
Of course Hale and Dyson are the only ones at the bar Who else
Just when Bo thinks she can't see any more of her exes...
Just when Bo thinks she cant see any more of her exes

Everyone’s there in time for someone to roofie their drinks. Trick really needs to put in a better security system. People are always sneaking in there. You’d think he’d at least have a guard dog or something. Crazy roofie dude — Reynard (Who’s naming these dark fae? I’d be super evil to just make up for that name.) — probably has something to do with all these fae rage fights, and I think our wacky friends are going to get a taste of it first hand.

Woods shows up on the hunt for villains and beer.
Woods shows up on the hunt for villains and beer

Oooh, yeah, Trick is helping Lauren. “Drag queens” are actually the real two words that you need to make Bingo exciting, Lauren.

Trick and Lauren are annoyed.
Trick and Lauren are annoyed

Ciara is a little jealous. Though Dyson didn’t give her all the details about Bo. Of course, he didn’t. Boys are dumb. Throw rocks at them.

And it’s a hick fae, Woods. Who’s hurting Hale. What a jerkbutt. How does Woods know that Reynard is there when Trick had no warning system? Is Reynard himself a roofie? Nope, his therapist’s Gorgon blood instead.

Raynard, the villain.
Reynard the villain

Kenzie and Hale snark is awesome.

Kenzie spits out the tainted beer.
Kenzie spits out the tainted beer

Oh, no, Bo, you have to come back. (Actually, given that she’s the main character of the entire show, I’m not really worried that she won’t come back.) The creepy little girl has returned.

Bo in limbo with the creepy girl.
Bo in limbo with the creepy girl

Woods is correct in that he’s the only one taking this seriously. Even Trick, who’s usually Mr. Serious about all Serious Fae Issues, is pretty laid back tonight. Maybe it’s part of the ‘we’re all acting odd so everyone’s going to suspect each other’ stitchk.

Ladies are not looking happy here.
Ladies are not looking happy here Bingo

The fae are going extinct? Isabo… Her fate is to kill Trick? Not that she doesn’t have the right to be super pissed off when she finds out that he’s been hiding her story from her. Which is really the biggest problem with this show.

Bo kills Trick.
Bo kills Trick

Kenzie knowing that’s the real Hale was great. Ciara really needed to know more about Bo and that she would never act like that. I do think this is some interesting insight into what succubi feel. Kenzie only needed two seconds to figure it out. But not very smart… Though I did love her calling Woods “Boba Fett.”

It’s the body switch episode! “I’ll get the name tags” is the best line ever, Trick.

"Woods" gets her name tag.
Woods gets her name tag

Yes, Kenzie and Dyson switched bodies. Though I’m kind of sad that it wasn’t more random placement. OMG, Kenzie-as-Dyson is fabo. Of course, she puts her hand down his pants. (Wow, this is going to be a confusing episode to review.) And Hale-as-Ciara goes for the obvious, which Ciara rightly calls him out on.

Kenzie's got the wolf junk.
Kenzies got the wolf junk

Yeah, Reynard isn’t getting anywhere in Kenzie’s shoes or pants. (Oh, noes, this means Lauren’s kicked out!) While surprised Dyson-as-Lauren didn’t say anything earlier; he’s not as jump-the-gun as Kenzie being all “Reynard’s in Bo.”

Kenzie and Hale have odd feelings from their host bodies.
Kenzie and Hale have odd feelings from their host bodies

Bo’s getting a talking to from Trick about “Nain Rogue.” Trick was pretty relaxed about that freak out. I know, crisis, but usually he’s like ‘spill it now’ and does that authority voice thing.

Guys, Lauren just left. While we were all worrying about Bo’s body.

Okay, the actor who plays Hale cannot do a UK accent. It’s really unspecific and awful.

Lauren’s deep rage is perhaps about her girlfriend? Dyson-as-Kenzie must go save the day. Hale and Kenzie’s first kiss can’t be when others are occupying their bodies and kissing each other.

Not Kenzie and not Hale kiss.
Not Kenzie and not Hale kiss

Reynard sure talks to himself a lot. Seriously. Like the Ash’s guard wouldn’t know something was up. And dude, why do crazy people have to shake? They all don’t have Parkinson’s.

Lauren is a few donuts short of a dozen.
Lauren is a few donuts short of a dozen

“Death sucked Ciara like an evil vacuum.”

Oh, bobbie pins, hair and thieves little helper. Though somehow I don’t think you’d be able to do that upon first try.

Okay, I know Reynard’s supposed to be a chaotic, anarchist, but seriously, killing the Light Fae Ash would give the Dark Fae a considerable leg up on the power struggle. I mean, Aife had a better chaos plot than that.

Oh, Kenzie’s big secret is that she needs glasses. See Kenzie’s awesome shoes saved the freaking day!

Now Woods is on mission number two. Cover the dark fae’s tracks. And oh, Woods, has two not-so-much men stopping him. Kenzie fighting as Dyson is the best thing ever. “Couple days of group therapy might flush out the Gorgon blood.” Lolz, Trick.

Did Trick’s spell make everyone high or something? They seem way to happy. Maybe it’s just happy to be in their own bodies. Mmm…cheesecake.

Awe. Now Ciara and Bo have a connection. And Dyson’s little speech to Kenzie was pretty sweet.

Dyson and Kenzie hug it out.
Dyson and Kenzie hug it out

Trick just got that look on his face, Isabo.

New Ash is all pissy face. And what the hell, that’s his dead face in a box, right? What’s going on? (Of course, we don’t know what type of fae he is yet.)

Lockland's head is in a box. Interesting.
Locklands head is in a box Interesting

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