Lost Girl 2×10 “Raging Fae” TV Review

Sounds like Kenzie is ordering Thanksgiving dinner, and Bo has some secret plans. Some secret fucks too.

Kenzie's busy dreaming of food.
Kenzies busy dreaming of food

Ooh, Bo just admitted to Kenzie that she was given a vision of killing Trick. Doctor interuptus…

The ladies are getting tailed by someone I thought was Ciara, but not. Besides Ciara would actually send people to do that work.

It’s the secret fight ring. “A human cockfighting ring?” “Keep the joke inside. Keep the joke inside.”

Also we got the Italian stereotype who’s a corrupt pillar of the community. Or at least he seems to be set up as one.

Bo’s very first boyfriend/killer’s nameless sister — now called Mel — is back for revenge.

Mel breaks into their house. This sounds like a bad idea given the amount of weapons they keep around to kill things with.
Mel breaks into their house This sounds like a bad idea given the amount of weapons they keep around to kill things with
Good to know that even Bo was ugly in high school.
Good to know that even Bo was ugly in high school

“Boom-Boom” is pretending to be human, and Ferraro knows that she is.

Bo is a prize fighter.
Bo is a prize fighter

Kenzie’s calling Hale. He is the best homicide detective in the world. Or just the one that Kenzie trusts the most. (Though she and Dyson had that whole connection last episode.) I hope that Bo didn’t lie that much to Kenzie about her past.

Aren’t you supposed to treat your prize fighter a little better than that? Mike just totally Hulked out right then and there.

Boxing is a family affair.
Boxing is a family affair

Wow, Hale just refused to siren Mel. I thought fae didn’t care about dead humans and such. In fact, didn’t Dyson just give Bo that talk in this very episode?

Kenzie makes a very sad face.
Kenzie makes a very sad face

Bo is now on the run again. Or feels like she needs to go on the run again. Also interesting that Bo and Kenzie are now having a fight just in time for the nain rogue’s predictions. Oh, Bo’s opening up instead to her bestie. Bo, I went to Jesus school too and they said that bullshit about sex too.

I love Kenzie dumping out Bo’s runaway bag because she never wants her friend to leave.

Gross, poor Mike’s internal organs are going to explode. And he’s been drinking frog sweat. YUCK. Just say no to drugs. Or power shakes mixed by bad Italian stereotypes.

Awe. I love Kenzie and Bo’s friendship.

What the hell’s in Dyson’s pocket? Some kind of recorder. Clearly, Thrasher has taken the frog sweat. Or is just thinking about Kyle and future!Trick and wants some punishment. Oh, Dyson was just smelling Ferrero.

Guilt makes Bo allow herself to be beat up.
Guilt makes Bo allow herself to be beat up

“Take some of my chi!” And then Lauren goes all biology doctor.

Lauren patches up Bo with love.
Lauren patches up Bo with love

No, Bo, you’re going to learn that you can’t just run away, especially when you have friends and people who care about you. Just like Doctor McHotty Pants said. Holy shitballs. Lauren just admitted that she loves Bo. Maybe I should call her Doctor Rough Touch.

The Ash is always spanking Dyson over his knee. Not literally. We know how Dyson doesn’t follow kings that he doesn’t believe in.

Now Bo wants to bring down everyone. Bo doesn’t want to kill Trick. That’s what she’s running from.

I guess it was the kid, Tyler, right before they showed it! Oh, this is going to be an adoption story that’s going to parallel Bo’s own life. Except in that Mike has no idea that his adopted son is a fae.

Tyler creates the super yuck shake.
Tyler creates the super yuck shake

OMG, this Obsidian guy is the Luke Cage of fae. With the unbreakable skin and all. (Not just because he’s black.) Yep, called this whole Bo over-identifying with Tyler. Good thing that Tyler ran into the ring to stop everything. Including showing his fae side. But his dad still cares about him. Isn’t this a heartwarming tale?

Don't be like your Auntie Bo, kid. She killed someone she cared about accidentally and hates herself forever about it.
Dont be like your Auntie Bo kid She killed someone she cared about accidentally and hates herself forever about it

Kind of. But Bo will now how to fight. And by fight, we mean steal chi. Dyson’s such a good puppy. Even if Bo’s not making any friends.

Hugs make kids feel loved. Awww.
Hugs make kids feel loved Awww

Dyson is like a social worker. The worst one ever.

Hale did his whammy on Mel. Now Bo’s going to feel even more guilty about the entire thing. Now that Mel’s “protecting her.” She’s gonna rip Hale a new one and then Trick.

“What if I’m the monster?” I’m kind of surprised that Bo just told Trick. Especially since she was already pissed at him. Trick looks a little worried for someone who doesn’t take stock in visions.

The Ash is rather hands on. Though I can’t tell if he’s listening or if he’s covering up something. Okay…something’s wrong with the new Ash. Piranha teeth.

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