My Birthday Bash Day 13: Birthday Traditions

For complete context about why I’m not having a birthday party for my 27th birthday this year and how you can still celebrate with me, read You’re Invited to My 27th Birthday Bash.

Erica and her parents.
And into the world arrived awesomeness Thatd be me and my parents

Today is my actual birthday. I am 27-years-old, and I am thankful for each and every one of you who’s donated to my birthday fundraising goal. I hope to round out my goal today. I am so close.

Every year on my birthday…

● I rarely have a bad birthday and am usually happy all day. The only really horrible birthday I remember was when I turned 18 and was super sick.

● I eat homemade buttermilk pancakes with chocolate chips on my birthday. The recipe is from my paternal great-grandma Peggy, and my grandma made it a family institution and famous through her log cabin bed and breakfast where she cooked them on her firewood oven and in antique cast iron pancake molds.

● I open my gifts carefully. This drives all the onlookers crazy. Or to “help” me rip the paper faster. Since I’ve been with Jason, there are many times where my presents magically opened themselves.

Erica opens her X-Men statue
Me meticulously opening my X-Men statue on my 25th birthday. Everyone got bored and started to do other things while I unwrapped and unpacked.

● During my childhood, my maternal grandma would bake me a cake. She used to do cake baking and decorating to make extra money, and she really has a knack for it. My cakes cycled through about every ’80s character — Carebears, Strawberry Shortcake, and Rainbow Bright — and one with a Barbie in the middle to a Star Trek one and another that looked like a pizza. However pretty and amazing her cakes are, her pies taste better.

Erica's 3rd Birthday
Me and my Rainbow Bright cake on my 3rd birthday
Erica's 8th Birthday
The Barbie cake for my 8th birthday My Barbies were way ahead of Lady Gagas food dresses
Erica's 11th Birthday
I got a Star Trek cake for my 11th birthday

● I write a wish list. When I was a child, my brother Jonathan and I would go through the Penny’s toy catalog and circle the entire thing. Then we’d cut up the clothing section to make paperdolls.

● I don’t decorate for Christmakkuah Kwanzaa Yule or play holiday music until after my birthday.

● In school, my friends would often say they couldn’t come to my parties due to holiday obligations. In college, I had at least one 8 a.m. final on my birthday. Everyone always complained they had finals or they’d all gone home for holiday break already. Too bad because they missed some awesomeness.

● Since 1991, my maternal grandma has bought me Star Trek ornaments for every birthday. She always adds a “whenever you want me to stop buying them, I will.” But after 19 years, we just have a tradition. And maybe sometime I’ll actually get all of them from my mom’s house — my holiday boxes being the only thing still stored at her home — and put up a Star Trek tree.

Erica on her 14th Birthday
Me on my 14th birthday with my Star Trek ornament

● As a child, my maternal grandma and I went to the Nutcracker at the Holtz Center. I’d board a Greyhound Bus in Bend the moment school was out, travel across the snowy pass, and stay with my grandparents in Eugene until after my family came for the holidays.

● In college, my friend Erik and I would have joint parties as our birthdays are the same day. Nerdy parties. But I’ve always had a theme of awesome parties. I learned how to throw parties from the best: my mom.

Erica's 7th birthday party
My 7th birthday party dont you wish you couldve been invited to that one
Erica's 8th Birthday Party
My 8th birthday party My maternal grandma gets the seat next to me

● I always stay up until at least midnight the night before my birthday.

If you enjoy reading about me, please consider showing that appreciation by donating to GeekGirlCon, a geeky convention happening in Seattle in 2011 which I’m helping put on. Think of it like buying me a drink for my birthday.

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  1. Happy Birthday, Erica! I’ve been reading all your birthday related posts – either here on site, or via rss – and wanted to say thank you for sharing them. Those cakes look amazing, and I’m with you on carefully unwrapping gifts! If you ever do put up your tree full of ST figures, I’d love to see it!

    Hope you have a brilliant day this year, and also that GeekGirlCon goes well. Am adding my lot to the kitty, so to speak, in place of my actually being able to go.

    All the best, lady! xx

    1. Thank you for the birthday wishes!

      I know, my grandma is amazing. She did my mom’s wedding cake with a broken vertebra in her neck. It was crazy! (Obviously, she employed some help, but still…)

      Oh, if I ever get my Star Trek tree, there will lots of photos.

      Thank you so much for your support of GeekGirlCon!

    1. @Kelly — Thanks for the belated birthday wishes. I’m glad you enjoyed the posts, especially about my grandmas. My birthday was a nice and quiet one.

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