Once Upon a Time 1×02 “The Thing You Love Most” TV Review

Some day, I swear I’ll be caught on my reviewing.

Regina shows up baring apples
Regina brings her famous apples to Emma.

I’m really digging this show. I love-love when you can find out information about how the baddie became just so damn evil. I like that already in the second episode we’re exploring a character who came off as wholly unsympathetic in the first episode.

Emma reads
Emma mostly lounges around, ready for Tank Top Tuesday and reading about her son's mental health. Light reading.

I thought the flashbacks to Regina releasing the spell was really well paced with the rest of the episode. I adored her fight with Maleficent. (Kristin Bauer, FTW.) I love the unicorn and the dark castle. I want to cosplay as Maleficent from this series: the dress, the staff, and the headdress that makes dragon horns was so awesome.

I think Kristin Bauer van Straten must have it in her contract to look fabulous at all times.
Maleficent has a unicorn! A unicorn.

It was such a lovely twist that Regina had to kill her father in order to enact the spell and that she’s never going to be happy again.

I really love the set work too. Regina’s office with the birch tree forest wallpaper and birch wood by the fireplace, plus the apples and the urns for her father, the horse, and the unnamed dead love on the mantel.

Regina's office
Regina's office is just pitch perfect. Love it.

Emma cutting down the apple tree was awesome. Though a very arrestable offense. (Why was Emma wearing a black bra under her tank top?) I thought the scene where she finds out who Snow White is was perfect.

I’m really enjoying this show so far. Though I’m not sure how I feel about Rumpelstiltskin has the upper-hand over Regina.

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