Once Upon a Time 1×04 “The Price of Gold” TV Review

Storybrooke gets a little more interesting. Good job, writers!

Happy Ending
Four episodes in and we have our first happy ending

Totally win that a woman got to keep her child at the end of the story and reunite with her true love prince. Seems like there’s a happy ending happening. Of course, Emma isn’t going to like whatever favor she now owes Rumpelstiltskin. No, not at all.

Look besides the Mirror, there was an ethnic minority, Cinderella’s fairy godmother. Oh, wait, she’s dead within five seconds thanks to Rumpelstiltskin. (Still hoping that one of our princesses that we haven’t met will be a character of color.) Also, why is Rumpelstiltskin running around and announcing his name? Isn’t keep that a secret part of his magic?

Cinderella's fariy godmother
And she might as well be wearing a red shirt

I liked that Cinderella was more into true love and a posh life than being “royalty.” Actually, that’s what I’ve rather enjoyed about both princesses; that being the queen (or a princess) is not the end goal of their pursuit.

Thomas and Cinderella
Now thats some swank

What the hell is with Rumpelstiltskin and children. Seriously. Also, this is not setting up a good precedent for how this show views adoption. I think we need to see a successful adoptive parent relationship (Geppetto and Pinocchio?). Though it would be nice for this relationship to be a mother-child, not father-child.

Henry is persistently rebellious, and yes, a lot of time he deserves to be punished by Regina for disobeying. It’s not like telling your 10-year-old child to stay home is an uncommon request nor is punishing him when he doesn’t a horrible fate. Even Emma’s not really going to blame Regina if she grounds Henry until he’s 18.

No matter where Emma turns theres Henry

I feel really bad for Cinderella as isn’t be pregnant for how many years punishment enough? I think she’s already worked off her penance, magical spells.

Cinderella's contract
Cinderella tries to out contract Rumpelstiltskin the contract wizard

I hope that we get to learn more about Ruby/Red Riding Hood next week. Is the Sheriff the Huntsman or the Big Bad Wolf? And how not surprised was I by Regina and him sleeping together.

Emma makes a deal with Mr. Gold.
Get used to her grumpy face Mr Gold

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