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Barbie Wedding
What a beautiful bride Its exactly what Mattel sold me on a child

I highly recommend 2BaysDJs. Why? Because they have a great sense of humor.

I should say that I avoid all things to do with weddings. I don’t plan on ever getting married, unless for some reason I find myself desperately in need to being on my sweetie’s health insurance. [knock on wood] So imagine my surprise when I got the following email about my future wedding and how I’d talked to a DJ about it already.

Hi Elizabeth,

It was great to talk to you yesterday at the Elite Bridal Expo. We wanted to let you know that we still have availability on May 21st, and we’d love to ‘DJ’ your wedding reception. To receive your own custom price quote, you can visit our Quote Generator online. Don’t forget to use the promo code, [redacted], to save $75.00 on any of our entertainment packages.

Once you’re online, you can also browse through our Music Search Tool. If you’re struggling with song ideas for your special dances of the evening, you may want to click the blue box of our “Most Requested” songs. From there you can listen to our top 50 songs for every activity from the introductions to the garter toss.

I know a bridal show is not the most comfortable spot to , but if you’d like to set up a meeting in a quieter environment let me know and we can arrange a date at your convenience. If you’re ready, we can move forward with a contract and client login so you can start planning with us. In the meantime, feel free to reply via email, or give me a call at [redacted], and we can discuss your reception in further detail.

Have a great week, we hope to hear from you soon!



Scott was probably just as surprised to get an email back from me as I was to get one from him.

Finally a good use for that plunger Daleks

Dear Scott,

Wow, I had no idea I was getting married on May 21st! Is someone throwing me a surprise wedding? This is like what I’ve dreamed of all my life.

I mean, when I was a little girl, I used to play with my Barbies, and my mom always thought it was weird that my Barbies married each other instead of Ken, but let’s face it, Ken was never worthy. He lived in the horse stable, and Barbie’s Dream Horse lived in the living room. I suppose it wasn’t his fault that the plastic horses had more genitalia than he did.

I was thinking that I’d love Lady Gaga’s “Pokerface” as my song to my man. Because then I could be like “surprise, my pokerface” as it is Lady Gaga’s song about how the men she dates just don’t understand how she likes the ladies too. Just imagine the look on my new husband’s face! I would be like that time my mom got remarried and I gave a speech thanking her for picking me out the perfect fake!daddy.

Talk to you soon!


P.S. I was thinking of cutting the cake to the Doctor Who theme song. But can’t quite figure out how to make a plunger cut cake. Ideas?

The thing about my mom’s wedding, true story. Ken living in the stable, also true story. Lady Gaga’s “Pokerface” one of the most requested wedding songs according to their site. (Which I blame on people not listening to lyrics. Seriously, people, also take “Bad Romance” and “I Will Survive” off your playlist. Lady Gaga lights her bad lover on fire at the end of the “Bad Romance” video.)

Surprise! The good thing about using a plunger to cut the cake, is that you can use it to feed your play-husband as well.


If nothing else, Scott finally found a good use for a Dalek’s plunger. I mean, obviously, the egg beater can be used to mix the cake.

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