Recipe for Crepes


Crepes are wonderful versatile. They work as a sweet treat or a savory dinner. The ones I made in this example were full of mushroom, spinach, and mozzarella cheese. They are delicious so get creative with the filling. Recently, I revisited the recipe and did a cauliflower, tomato, and pepper jack filling. You can always go for a breakfast filling with eggs or something sweet like jam or nutella.

Crepes are super easy to make. If you can cook pancakes, you can do this.



2 cups milk
1 1/4 cup flour (add more or less as needed)
2 eggs
canola or vegetable oil or butter for frying
pinch of salt

Beat eggs in a bowl. Add milk, salt, pepper, and flour and mix together.

In a frying pan, heat a bit of butter or oil on medium heat. Once the pan’s hot, pour the batter in for one crepe. Usually, I then pick up the pan and move it around in a circle to evenly and thinly distribute the batter. Cook until bubbly on one side and then flip. If the crepe does not want to lift off the pan, it’s not done yet.

You can add stuffing ingredients here if you want to heat them up or melt cheese. Cook until other side’s golden brown. Repeat until you’re done with all your batter.

Enjoy with whatever stuffing you like.

3 Replies to “Recipe for Crepes”

  1. How do you flip it? Are you one of those people who can do it the way chefs do, just by doing that wrist-flip thing where you flip it in the air and it lands perfectly back in the pan? I ask because I can’t imagine how a spatula would be big enough to do it w/o breaking it.

    1. Oh, in no way do I even try to flip it like chefs do. That’s a recipe for it ending up on the floor.

      I just flip it with a flat spatula. Crepes are pretty flexible without breaking. I’ve only ever had a problem with breakage if I flip it before it’s completely done on one side or I put too much filling in the middle when rolling it up.

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