Sprinkles Around the Web 12/25-12/30/10

Sprinkles from around the web

Long time, no link posts. Time to get back on that horse. Anyway, here are some links that I’ve found interesting around the web. Your mileage may vary, and yes, I’m putting all the GeekGirlCon stuff first as it has to do with me. Besides being awesome in general.


We’re busy little bees with GeekGirlCon, a celebration of geeky women by having a convention in Seattle in 2011. We’re busy raising funds in order to secure our venue and have a date and place for the convention. We’re 50% of the way toward our funding. Please donate.

Or come out to support us!

We had a “Hero of Canton” flashmob. (Take a second to find me. Or cheat with photos.)

GeekGirlCon Christmas Greetings If you’re not sick of the holidays, check out a season’s greetings from GeekGirlCon.

Estrocast Episode 3: Geek Girl Con Hear me (and Kiri and Kelcey) talk to the Estrocast about GeekGirlCon.


Dinosaur Comics Hitting right to the heart of the holiday season, Dinosaur Comics does it again.

Atlantis movie shelved ‘indefinitely’ Brad Wright and company continues to punish SGA fans for not watching SGU. Hey, try writing better shows or maybe adding some women and minorities to your writing staff. Just saying.


• Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg on Why We Have So Few Women Leaders

Sorry, Hamas, I’m Wearing Blue Jeans The amazing story of Palestinian feminist Asma Al-Ghoul, who’s related to Hamas leaders, and is standing up both for herself and her fellow women to build an inclusive society.

Designing Lifestyles: A New Approach, For The Lady Who’s Dead Inside I love this. Mostly because I agree with every little thing they’re mocking The Four Hour Work Week guy. Yes, I’ve met too many of these guys in bars.

Loving Problematic Books

Sometimes the Feminism causes in me such a lament! I can NEVER ENJOY A BOOK AGAIN! Once one starts seeing women and queer folks and people of color as human beings, one can never go back to those halcyon days of just wondering whether Frodo will dodge him some racialized Orcs in time to get to Mordor! It must be so peaceful, not worrying about complexity.

Heroic, Female and Muslim The amazing and inspiring story of Dr. Hawa Abdi, a Somali woman who’s helping the people of her country. There are still heroes in the world.


Wedding Undergraduate: Fighting About how fighting is good for your relationship. Healthy fighting that is. Because relationships are hard, and there are huge life obstacles that you have to work through.


Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse In case, you missed nature’s beauty.


Building Deep Links Into E-Commerce Product Pages Oh, this is such hard work. I know. (Read: this is part of my job.)

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