Sprinkles Around the Web 12/31/10-01/13/11

Sprinkles from around the web

Links from around the web that I enjoyed. Mileage may vary.


Check out me and my new knives.
Check out me and my new knives

My Amazon.com GeekGirlCon product recommendations


• Come to our all-hands meeting this Saturday from 10am-1pm at the Madison Park Starbucks in Seattle.

We’re throwing Buffy Summers a 30th Birthday Bash in Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Come join us.


BP Disaster was “Avoidable” The commission reports find that it was due to failure on part of all the companies. Which means lazy companies caused on of the worst environmental disasters we’ve seen. And they aren’t properly cleaning it up.


David Tennant and Catherine Tate are to appear together on stage in a new West End production of William Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing. OMG, I want to go now!

Superman’s social network nightmare About the destruction moms can do on Facebook.

Diamond Halts All Shipments Of Graphic Novels To Borders. Apocalyptic Wave Of Returns Expected Diamond has a capital on comic book distribution. I’m going to assume that it’s in the best interests of Marvel and DC Comics to make deals directly with Borders. Hopefully, this will help take down Diamond’s monopoly on comic book distribution.

Women and Comics Another letter to publishers and marketers how they are missing a huge part of the world: women.

Wonder Woman TV project officially dead I’m going to be over here crying. Not even television super producer David E. Kelley could get a Wonder Woman project off the ground.

Dinosaur Comics on the likelihood of a real life Batman

7 reasons to give Stephanie Brown a chance as Batgirl Yes. I agree with all of this. Enjoying Stephanie Brown as Batgirl does not mean that one cannot also like Cass Cain.

The Accidental Groupie How even a trained journalist can fall for becoming a groupie or rather end up that way.


Teen girls in film showcase true grit

The plucky young women who drive ‘True Grit’ and ‘Winter’s Bone’ highlight the evolution of dumbed-down female characters into ones that save the day with smarts and courage and the growing influence of women in the film industry.

Why I Don’t Want a Baby As I am also childless by choice, I identified with a lot of this article. I often get told that I’ll change my mind by people with children.


The Love of Eggs Benedict

When being made, one has to realize that [Eggs Benedict is] for someone who wants something more than eggs and toast. As a breakfast item, it has no equal. If one orders Eggs Benedict, they don’t just want to be fed. They want to be awed.


Retracted autism study an ‘elaborate fraud,’ British journal finds That’s right, if you don’t believe every other study that’s proven that there is no link between autism and vaccines, there’s now proof that the original study was a complete fraud.


Miracle on 22nd Street This is the meaning of the holidays, helping others. What happens when Santa letters show up at a couple’s NYC apartment.

Abandon resolutions. Stop looking for a soulmate. Reject positive thinking

The lure of making a “complete fresh start” can be hard to resist, and gleaming-eyed self-help gurus pander to that urge. In fact, aiming for across-the-board change – to get fitter, eat better, spend more time with the family and less time playing Angry Birds, all at the same time – is exactly the wrong way to change habits.

Prioritizing M-E All about learning to take care of yourself and how that’s a good thing.


It gets better, a music video by rebecca drysdale

Dan Choi Hospitalized; A Discussion About Our Community’s Multi-Faceted Sacrifices While this post isn’t entirely LGBT issues, what it is really about is the burn out of the activist, of always having to be the person in the spotlight.


Things Real People Don’t Say About Advertising A Tumblr which says so many things that I feel in my job position when it’s hooked with marketing.

Designing The Hate Lifestyle Norcross explains why “lifestyle” designers and gurus are full of bullshit. And also, they work, they work really, really hard and only call it play, and their “lifestyles” are not for everyone.

Recipes (I want to make.)


Creating Keyword Opportunity Lists with Excel Custom Sort I love tips like this.

Think the Opposite when Picking Travel Related Keywords As I work in the travel clothing industry, this article was spot-on.


Conquering an Infinite Cave A photo essay about the beautiful and almost other-worldly cave in Vietnam.

10-year-old Canadian youngest ever to discover supernova This is super awesome. You go, girl.

Scientists find new ‘dawn runner’ dino fossil Eodromaeus was one of the first dinosaurs. Awesome.

Mysterious bird deaths explained It was fireworks. The night-blind birds were startled, flew in the air, and then couldn’t properly land as they are blind in the dark. This is why fireworks are bad.

Social Media

WordPress Challenges Bloggers to Post Daily in 2011 2011 is the year to create content.

Social Media Marketing: Facebook + Twitter Aren’t Enough How there are a million different social networks popping up every day and just Facebook and Twitter aren’t enough for everyone.

See Something? Cite Something. You can make the internet better by citing your sources when you see something awesome on the internet.

5 Key Tips for a Successful Social Media Content Strategy I enjoy this type of article because while it may be “duh,” it’s a good reminder of the basics that we often forget.

5 Facebook Applications to Add Useful Tabs to Your Facebook Fan Page Practical tips, ftw.


The First Decade of the Future is Behind Us

If the past decade has taught us anything, it’s that though technological progress is guaranteed, its direction is impossible to discern, pace Ray Kurzweil. A breakthrough in one technology can cause explosive progress in relation to other technologies. Because cellphones and the internet went through such exponential growth, even with huge advances it looked like genetics, biotech, neuroscience, and nanotech just plodded along. It’s no longer a question of when the future will get here but which future is next?

How To Get People To Try New Technology And Not Freak Out It’s very important to help people out with new technology; people who are reluctant and scared of technology. Plus, we tech geeks are reminded to be patient.

Amid E-Book Growth, Students Still Prefer Paper Textbooks Very interesting. I love my print copies. Of course, my real reason for not getting an e-reader is because they don’t quite do what I want and their DRM issues are not worked out.

Create a PDF Resume from LinkedIn

Behold, Android 3.0: Secret Weapon of Multiple Tablet PCs The tablet is coming.

Google Adding New Spam Warnings In Webmaster Tools Always glad for tool updates that can help filter out the spam.

Web Design

How to make your shopping cart suck less The Oatmeal brings it when it comes to all the UI problems in a lot of shopping carts.

E-Commerce Copywriting: The Guide to Selling More Writing product copy is hard work. I know, I’ve written plenty of it in my time on the job.


Space Invaders: Why you should never, ever use two spaces after a period.

In the middle of the last century, a now-outmoded technology—the manual typewriter—invaded the American workplace. To accommodate that machine’s shortcomings, everyone began to type wrong. And even though we no longer use typewriters, we all still type like we do.

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  1. I’ll have you know that I subscribed to Marie Claire after reading that childless by choice article this summer. The magazine is not always that good, but it has its moments.

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