Sprinkles Around the Web 6/25-7/2/12

It’s back. My collection of random linkage from around the web that I enjoy. YMMV.

Sprinkles from around the web


GeekGirlCon at Pride. Photo by Jonathan Konkol
GeekGirlCon at Pride. Photo by Jonathan Konkol.


Geeks Among Us: GeekGirlCon
Check out this interview with me about GeekGirlCon and our group’s secret origins.


The Afterlife of Cheap Clothes
Do you know what happens when you donate your old clothing? I didn’t really know either. It’s not what most people think.

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg joins Board of Directors as its first female member
Finally, Sheryl Sandberg joins the board of Facebook.


Batwoman Tops the New York Times Bestseller List for Comics
Batwoman rules the roost. For a comic that took DC years to make good on their promise to publish it, maybe they’ll take some kind of hint.

Why Do People Hate Black Widow?
The Black Widow is more than just window dressing.

LGBT Characters, Themes Throughout Comics History
Alan takes us through the history of queer characters in comic books. Nice roundup.

Why I Write “Strong Female Characters”
Greg Rucka talks about why he loves writing female characters and how others can too.

TV Tropes Deletes Every Rape Trope; Geek Feminism Wiki steps in
Ugh. Trying to delete content about rape culture is not going to make it go away.

I Can Be Just As Capable. Let Me.
A professional visits E3 and is treated vastly different based on her gender. Including the assumption that a man needs to play the PC game for her.


The only good abortion is my abortion
One woman lifting the secret curtain to talk publically about her uncoming abortion.

Sinfest Mad Libs
Yes, this is so true.


Last known gay Jewish survivor of the Holocaust dies
I can’t imagine being a gay activist in that era, much less his survivor status.

Anderson Cooper: “The Fact Is, I’m Gay.”
Not exactly news, but I’m glad Anderson’s finally officially out as he’s such an inspiring role model. Plus, I’m glad I’ll never have to have that argument again.


Federal Way comic shops compete on their own terms
Two comic shops. One city. Plus, supporters of GeekGirlCon. 🙂

Behind mask, a man with a message
A kinder look at Phoenix Jones and the Rain City Superhero Movement than most journalism about them has been. Pretty much exactly my impression of Phoenix and Purple when I’ve interacted with them. (Purple is a GeekGirlCon ’12 guest!)

Recipes (I want to try.)


Why ‘Pinkifying’ Science Does More Harm Than Good
It shouldn’t be hard to make good role models for women interested in science; but apparently, even ads designed to get more women in STEM careers by a government, can’t do it.


Dealing With The Increasing Complexity and Volume of SEO Tasks
Everett gives a very detailed review of how SEO has become so much more in the last several years.

A Marketer’s Guide To Table Formatting In Excel
Annie teaches us how to make that boring .CSV into beautiful analytics that can tell us something about the website we’re working on.

Facebook Marketing Down to the Core – 4 Factors of Post Optimization
Make your page work for you. Oh, Facebook and your Edgerank!


How The Internet Will Reboot Civilization
Fascinating article about how we’re in a transition from the Industrial Age to a kind of digital openess age.

Find (Almost) Anybody’s Email Address
Hunting around for someone’s email? If it’s public, this is how you can find it.

The first ten years of blogging are the hardest
Anil Dash interviews WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg about how blogging has changed and WordPress has grown.

Web Design

Facilitating Great Design
How to make facilitate your meetings to hear everyone’s voice and make sure all stakeholders are happy with the outcome.

Why Your Links Should Never Say “Click Here”
Examples of how to make actionable, informative links.


Ode to the editor
Chuck writes about how much writers need editors to reign us in and make our work go from good to amazing.

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