Sprinkles Around the Web: November 12th Edition

Sprinkles from around the web

Some interesting links I’ve gathered from around the internet. Your mileage may vary.


It’s Time to Stop Pretending Abortion and Birth Control Aren’t Economic Issues
It’s all about the numbers. Family planning is great for economies.


Organic Syntax
Oh, the perils of grammar!


Junot Díaz Geeks Out Over Comics With Vol. 1
Just a pure love of comic books from a Pulitzer Prize winner.

Pals and Confidants: The Golden Girls in (Mostly) Their Own Words
For those of you who don’t know, I’m a huge Golden Girls fan and a fan of the actors.

Racism: It’s Elementary!
Elementary hasn’t been my favorite Sherlock series, but Joan Watson isn’t the problem; in fact, she’s probably the best part.

Women Avengers… Assemble?
Yeah…where are all the women Avengers?

The stigma of women who read romance
Women of all types read romance novels.

Q&A With Ink-Stained Amazon, Film Character Jennifer Stuller
An awesome interview with Jen about the Wonder Woman documentary, her book, and GeekGirlCon.


‘Bulimia and Anorexia Since I Was 15’: Lady Gaga Responds to ‘Fat’ Headlines With Half-Naked Pics and a Confession
I could draw hearts around this all day. That is Lady Gaga’s reaction to the press. Turn that message on its head.

My mother and I created the BORN THIS WAY FOUNDATION for one reason: “to inspire bravery.” This profile is an extension of that dream. Be brave and celebrate with us your “perceived flaws,” as society tells us. May we make our flaws famous, and thus redefine the heinous.

The Feministing Five: Mary González
This woman is my hero.

Boundaries and The Penis Incident
Ugh. Ugh. Shit like this needs to stop.

Study: We Benefit From Seeing Strong Women on TV
Unsurprisingly seeing strong women (even in violent situations) in media makes everyone view women better.

Inside the game-making workshop for Palestinian girls
A very inspirational story about how much games can reflect cultural needs and anyone can learn to create them.

This is what it’s like to be harassed on the Internet
Sue recounts how she’s been harassed on the internet. Wow. This is beyond crazy.

The Soapbox: In Response To The Archetype Of The “Woman-Child”
Stuff like this makes me so angry. Like successful women who are single and completely support themselves are “children”? WTF? Since when it taking care of yourself not a good thing?

Amy Poehler Teaches You to Feel Better About Your Body
Yes, this. Feel good about your body.

Why the First Laptop Had Such a Hard Time Catching On (Hint: Sexism)
Amazing correlations between sexism and adoption of technology amongst women. We could do a similar story about iPhone adoption (highly female) compared to Android adoption (mostly male) due to Droid’s male-centric ads.

The Distress of the Privileged
A great look at how the push-back against progressive politics.


48 Things I Know Now That I Wish I Knew Then
Yes to all of these.

How a $79 SEOmoz Membership Changed My Life Forever
Cyrus shares how he changed his life from being a waiter to a CMO at a start-up, all because he got involved and passionate about SEO and SEOmoz’s community.

Pink Ponies: A Case Study
<3 this as an explanation of what marketers do.

Interview Questions and Interview Strategy
Rand gives great tips for the interviewer, but also the interviewee on how to connect and get down to the real information you want to know about someone.

You’re Young. I’m 18. So what?
Love this post about how age (on either end) doesn’t matter.

LGBT Issues

“They Won’t Magically Turn You Into A Lustful Cockmonster”: Chris Kluwe Explains Gay Marriage To The Politician Who Is Offended By An NFL Player Supporting It
Lol. Title explains it all.

Whedon’s Binary Excludes Bisexuality
Among my many Whedon issues. For they are numerous.


Seventeen Ways To Improve Your Blog – Case Study
I probably need to do about half of these.

The Paradox of Easy vs. Hard to Measure Marketing Channels
This is so interesting to me because so many people are still so trustworthy of channels that they cannot measure.


Why does coffee never taste as good as it smells?
I’ve totally always wondered this.


Beyond SEO: Inbound Marketing in a Post-Google World
Ruth reminds us that SEO is more than just on-page optimization and link building.

Back To The Future: Google Announces A Meta Keywords Tag Just For News Articles
The meta keyword tag is back from the dead. But only for news. And the algo is going to prevent spammers, apparently.

How to Be a Better SEO
Richard challenges us to be better people — not just better SEOs.

7 Things About Mobile SEO You Need to Know
Making your site mobile-friendly and SEO-friendly all at the same time based on your customer’s needs. Amazing.

Google Emails Authorship Confirmations To Bloggers
It’s AuthorRank time!

Social Media

Psychographics Deconstructed: What We Look Like to Facebook Marketers
This is so amazing.

How this Facebook fan got 68,000 likes of her own
Awesome to see how everyone in a company can make or break a customer’s day and how people do talk about the good things companies do on social media. Not just negative things.

9 tips for being seen and heard through the noise of Facebook
Edgerank can push so much content out of users’ streams. Time to beat it.


How To Go Picasso On Your Data With Conditional Formatting
Some data nerd love from Annie. Make those tables pretty and meaningful.

Corruption in Wikiland? Paid PR scandal erupts at Wikipedia
Wow. Wikipedia is known for their strict standards about editing articles and keeping out people looking to toot their own horns. Looks like they were played.

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