Sprinkles from Around the Web 05/14-5/20/10

Sprinkles from around the web

Links I found interesting, amusing, or relevant. As always your mileage may vary.


• First, let’s get the very important stuff out of the way. I’m in my first video podcast with the Backroom Comics Podcasters talking about, what else, but Women in Comics.


A Wolverine short-story. Comic author/artist Faith Erin Hicks pitched this story to Marvel for Girl Comics. While it didn’t make it in, she posted it online for all of us to enjoyable. And it’s very enjoyable.

Mad Style. Tom and Lorenzo over at Project Rungay deconstruct the fabulous clothing styling on Mad Men.

True Blood‘s Season 3 trailer:


10 Arguably Odd Things Things That People Put on Pizza. And people think I’m weird for putting honey on my pizza?


Zuckerberg, We Have a Problem. Lisa Barone takes a look at all Facebook’s problems concerning privacy, authority, and brand-jacking.

There’s been so much going on lately with Facebook that it’s both impossible to keep up and impossible to miss. And I’ve tried to stay out of it because there’s simply so much coverage that it’s hard to distinguish one Facebook post from the next, but I do think there are a number of important lessons here for brands who don’t want to become the next Facebook. It serves a purpose to outline some of the ways Facebook is doing it wrong so that you don’t have to.

Reserving library books? There’s an app for that! Use the Seattle library system? You can download an app called Boopsie and reserve your books with your phone.

CSS3 Media Queries. CSS3 makes it so you don’t have to use Javascript anymore to detect devices and make stylesheets so people can view your website optimally no matter the device they’re using at the time.

Google Introduces Google TV. This should be interesting considering how WebTV flopped. But the internet’s changing and getting faster and people are consuming more media online.

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    1. @Carla — Glad you enjoyed the podcast. 🙂 Yes, honey on my pizza. It really doesn’t matter the topping, though I think it’s best on the crust so it’s not really part of it. My favorite pizza is spinach, pineapple, and olives, which I completely put honey on top of.

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