Sprinkles from Around the Web 05/21-05/27/10

Sprinkles from around the web


Philippe Cousteau Jr. and Sam Champion take hazmat dive into Gulf’s oily waters. Video of what the oil-and-chemical-filled Gulf looks like. Horrific. Sad.


Come party with Lady Gaga: From her dressing room to a sex club, an exclusive interview in which the singer discusses fame, the paparazzi – and those health rumours. And the 12+ reasons why I love Lady Gaga. (Music video NSFW.)

The Weekly Geek: Proud to be a nerdy gay girl. Reasons why being a queer fangirl is awesome.

The 2010 AfterEllen.com Hot 100. Reader voted hot (usually) celebrity women. Rawr. Mildly NSFW.


10 Great Websites to Buy Handmade Goods. There’s a foodie site. I just might need a raise stat.

Recipes (I plan on making!)


Autism study doctor barred for ‘serious misconduct’. The doctor who did the bad study about vaccines and autism is banned from practicing medicine. Science: 1, Anti-Vaxxers: 0.

Social Media

How to Build Your Brand Working For Someone Else. Lisa Barone talks about how her time at Bruce Clay Inc and her personal branding helped not only her own career, but Bruce Clay Inc as a company.

Why BP Should Embrace the Fake BP Twitter Account. Because dark humor speaks to us. As does, “Please do NOT take or clean any oil you find on the beach. That is the property of British Petroleum and we WILL sue you.”


Infrastructures. XKCD hits it out of the park on how Facebook’s privacy problems are just another bump in the fight for open source technology. Only now regular people are noticing.

Trip Journal Turns Your Smartphone Into the Ultimate Trip Scrapbook. Trip Journal is a mobile app for iPhone (iPhone) and Android (Android) that lets you capture photos, video and route marks of your vacation as it happens. You can then share your trip with your friends and family via Facebook, Flickr and Twitter.

Google’s Pac-Man Logo Costs Society $120,483,800 in Productivity. Pac-Man is awesome. But not as awesome as Ms. Pac-Man.

Google's Pac-Man
Googles Pac Man

The Poetics Of Coding.

Code has purpose and meaning. It requires structure. It should be lightweight and elegant, not bogged down with lines and lines of garbage. Writing great code isn’t something that just happens. It takes discipline and work! It’s an art unto itself.

Create an Abstract Design with Patterns in Photoshop. Chris Spooner does wonderful Photoshop tutorials that are well worth your time.

How To Use Google Wave for Live Blogging. Finally! A good use for Google Wave.

Google Confirms “Mayday” Update Impacts Long Tail Traffic. Yep, that’s why your traffic’s down.

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    1. I know! It was so fun I couldn’t resist putting it in. In my media, I often have the conflict of do I want to be her? or do I want to sleep with her?

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