Sprinkles Around the Web: April 8th Edition

Sprinkles from around the web

Things that I found that were interesting around the web. Your mileage may vary.


Erica and Jacob in NYC
Jacob and I in NYC at the castle in Central Park.

4 Lesser-Known Conferences That Deserve Your Attention in 2013
Heck, yes, MozCon got a shout-out! 🙂 Plus, quote by me.

Introducing Moz Reader!
I love working for such an amazing company like SEOmoz. I’ve been so bummed about Google Reader shutting down, but guess what, we stepped up and created the Moz Reader! I’m really thrilled. (If you’re wondering where I was, I was in NYC instead of in the video.)

Cute Animals

Adventure Kitten Gear
Okay, REI wins with the adorable as they have all your adventure kitten gear.

Baby hedgehogs
OMG baby hedgehogs have giant ears!


On Not Mourning Your Failures & Overcoming Burn-Out with Brad Feld
On how to think more about your life for the long-term as an entrepreneur.


Anything That Loves: Comics Beyond “Gay” and “Straight”
Definitely an awesome Kickstarter for a comic anthology about romantic love that goes beyond “straight” or “gay.”

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Sprinkles Around the Web: Big O’ Link-ing

Sprinkles from around the web

So it’s been a while — too long — since I’ve made one of these posts, which means, I’m going to just do a link dump without my usual explanations so I can hurry things along and get to the new stuff. As always, what I like, you may not like.

by me

quoted / photoed me

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Thank You, GeekGirlCon

For two weeks, I’ve been trying to figure out how to write this post. What can I even say that would sum up the last two and a half years of my life. How to wrap it up eloquently and make what I write be read in the best light possible.

GeekGirlCon bruch
Us toasting the success of GeekGirlCon ’12

Last Monday was my final day as Director of Marketing for GeekGirlCon. I know this is probably a bit shocking, especially for those of you who know my passion for the organization and feminist activism.

Since August 2010, when GeekGirlCon had its first fateful meeting, I’ve poured my time, energy, and know how into helping make GeekGirlCon the amazing organization it is today and helping build the foundation for the greater future. I made many conscious decisions to put different parts of my life on hold or, in some cases, neglect them. I served most of my time with GeekGirlCon as both President and Director of Marketing, juggling the two roles, and then since November, only as Director of Marketing.

(If you haven’t met GeekGirlCon’s new Executive Director Amanda, you should, as she’s awesome and helping take GeekGirlCon to its next step.)

For anyone who’s gone the entrepreneurship route, whether starting a business on your own, as a group, or just helping out, it’s a ton of work. And GeekGirlCon was no different — just as needy and rewarding. Though GeekGirlCon solely is a labor of love as all positions on staff are 100% volunteer roles.

As our first convention in October 2011 rolled around, I had to convince my mother to come help out. She didn’t really understand what we were doing. All she knew was that I hadn’t come to see her in a long time, rarely had time to talk on the phone, and when we did connect, I kept talking about this GeekGirlCon thing obsessively. But when the doors opened on October 8th — where she helped at the registration desk — she “got it” as she told me later. My mom understood what we trying to do, how big it was, and most importantly, for our relationship, why I hadn’t come to visit. She even came back for GeekGirlCon ’12 with my stepfather in tow.

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Sprinkles Around the Web: Sept 20th Edition

Sprinkles from around the web

Interesting stuff I found around the web.


Chicks Dig GeekGirlCon
A great review of GeekGirlCon ’12 from Sheena, who was on the Chicks Dig Comics panel with me.

Comic Books

Captain Marvel: DeConnick on Carol Danvers and the comics industry
Captain Marvel is beyond awesome.

It’s Barbara Gordon-Meets-Nancy Drew In Adam Watson’s ‘The Batgirl Mysteries’
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GeekGirlCon ’12: Achievement Unlocked

Erica McGillivray as Buffy Summers at GeekGirlCon '12
Me as Buffy Summers at GeekGirlCon ’12

August 11th and 12th was GeekGirlCon ’12, the second annual convention supporting and celebrating geeky women. There were hundreds of amazing moments as a plethora of geeks (over 3,000) attended the 2-day event. I couldn’t be more happy or proud with what the GeekGirlCon staff has accomplished for our convention.

Some of my highlights (which are by no means the only highlights or encompass everything that happened, nor are they in any order of significance):

1. I actually saw a whole 3 panels that I was not part of! Which really speaks volumes about how awesome and on top of it every single GeekGirlCon staffer and volunteer (aka Agents) were. (I saw the Capes & Canes disabilities and superheroes panel, Greg Rucka’s spotlight, and the Masquerade.)

2. Randomly running into Cheeks as I stopped to chat with JoJo Stiletto (in amazing Scully cosplay). Cheeks got excited that our outfits were opposite colors. (I was in my Buffy’s cosplay of red pants and black shirt.) Also, we’re about the same size, so I think we need to start swapping clothing now.

3. Crossplaying Avengers. I love cosplaying, and they were fabulous. I wanted Captain America’s costume so much. Continue reading “GeekGirlCon ’12: Achievement Unlocked”

GeekGirlCon ’12 is Tomorrow, Friends

Lisa and I at GeekGirlCon '11
Lisa and I at GeekGirlCon ’11 in our Sherlock and Watson crossplay.

Let me start off with some advice, I don’t recommend running two conferences/conventions 15 days apart from each other. This is what I did. Because I’m insane. Because I aspire to be Wonder Woman too much. Because this is what I love to do.

I get to be a big geek all the time. I just wrapped up MozCon for my workplace, SEOmoz. I got to help put on a world-class conference, learn things that exploded my brian, dance with Roger Mozbot, and go drinking with people who when plastered start talking about how Excel needs to be 3-D to really suit their analytics needs. Plus, I got to better know some of my awesome colleagues and industry peers.

And now GeekGirlCon is tomorrow. I should be in bed right now.

Things I’m most excited about for GeekGirlCon:

1. The People
It’s always the people for me. I love going to conventions just to people watching. Especially the cosplay. Bring it on. We want all the tiny Princess Leias and their light saber fights. Continue reading “GeekGirlCon ’12 is Tomorrow, Friends”

Sprinkles Around the Web 6/25-7/2/12

It’s back. My collection of random linkage from around the web that I enjoy. YMMV.

Sprinkles from around the web


GeekGirlCon at Pride. Photo by Jonathan Konkol
GeekGirlCon at Pride. Photo by Jonathan Konkol.


Geeks Among Us: GeekGirlCon
Check out this interview with me about GeekGirlCon and our group’s secret origins.


The Afterlife of Cheap Clothes
Do you know what happens when you donate your old clothing? I didn’t really know either. It’s not what most people think. Continue reading “Sprinkles Around the Web 6/25-7/2/12”