Following the Paths of Grief

(kick me under the table all you want, I won’t shut up)

Grief has kept me away from this space, away from engaging in the writing I love, and away from what seems like the barest minimum of human connections. A grief that shuts down, just as much as it can hone.

I didn’t write here, but I did write a lot about organic electro-optic materials in photonic computing, coming to a website near you. Even in grief, you must pay the bills.

My cat Hermione died. Her cancer came back, and there was nothing we could do. Hermione knew it was time, even if I still don’t want it to ever be time.

Me, Hermione, and Jacob
My precious baby Hermione

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Food Myth: Are Brown Shelled Eggs Healthier?

Eggs by Magalie L'Abbee
Eggs by Magalie L'Abbee
I’m not sure how only white shelled eggs being sold in supermarkets came about. Probably something to do with white equaling purity in the psychological minds of America. But until maybe 15 years ago, the supermarket shelves were only lined with white shelled eggs.

However, since the “organic” and “free-range” labels have come along, brown eggs are now synonymous with healthy and organic. (The organic label itself is problematic; but that’s another complete blog post.)

But science be told, brown and white eggs and green eggs — yes, green eggs — are all equal in nutritional value. Well, that is if the hens eat the same food. Hens eat everything from grass to insects to commercial chicken feed. Healthy chickens require a far more diverse diet than massive factory farming provides and that’s one of the reasons why those brown shelled eggs often have thicker shells. Those small farm hens get better nutrition.

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Back in the Kitchen

Actually, I never left the kitchen. I’ve still been creating new things in my kitchen and making some old favorites. Just have been atrocious at updating this blog. My bad.

Me caught in my natural environment by Jason
Me caught in my natural environment by Jason

Anyway to get your mouth watering for some delicious food, here’s some upcoming recipes: savory pies; updated photos on eggplant enchiladas; bread, bread, and more bread; baked leeks; and more chickpeas than you can count. Not to mention, I’ve gotten myself some new gadgetry.