Things of a Kind

Dandolin Wishes by Olivander
Dandelion Wishes

10 things I wish I could say to 10 different people I know (no names used):

  • I miss when you had dreams for the future.
  • I feel like I’m always polishing what you carved. The splinters are annoying.
  • I had this dream once that you were suicidal and only had one reason to live. My subconscious is pretty right about this.
  • I miss the stories you used to tell, but then you dropped off the face of the earth. For a long time, I was worried you died, but I’m glad you resurfaced even if we don’t know each other anymore.
  • I’ve know for a long time that you’re gay, but have never pushed it as we aren’t that close. But when you do finally come out, I just want you to know I’ll support you.
  • I wish I could hold your hand and show you what I see about you. But you’d probably just laugh as it’s something to discover on your own.
  • I thought you were really rude to me and dishonest about what you were expecting, mostly to cover your butt.
  • I love you. A lot. I always have and always will. But never in the way you want.
  • I think you should dump him and move on with your life. You deserve someone who will take care of you too.
  • I really want to be your friend and part of your community, but for some reason, always have a hard time connecting with you.

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On Being Tired

I’m rather tired. Just a deep bone-tired. I get why bears hibernate.

I have dreams, but they stay vague. I try to tease them out. I had this art professor who used to say that your most frustrating days in the studio, where you don’t get anything, turns into the ideas that flourish.

It’s interesting when I go on vacation. When I come and everything’s still there. I still need to call Comcast about my bill. I still need to go to work for my paycheck everyday. I still have a fridge full of vegetables from my grandfather’s garden to turn into food.

But then everything just kind of means shit.

Maybe it’s just the rain talking.

Prosumer Goals: Analyzing the Walk

I want to put my words into actions and make prosumer goals. Things that I care about include supporting local businesses, supporting small businesses, buying products which last, buying online to support my industry, and buying “healthy” products for both the Earth and my body. Eventually, I want to try to make every purchase I make have at least two of those qualifiers.

I want to start with looking into buying from local small independent businesses. Small steps for big changes. Continue reading “Prosumer Goals: Analyzing the Walk”