Q-Force: Maybe It’s Better Than You Thought

When the trailers for Q-Force dropped during Pride Month, very online queers came out with their pitchforks. The jokes were dated. There was too much sex. Was every single member of the alphabet mafia covered? All centered on a 30-second clip of an adult cartoon show that was supposed to be funny. I assume the Venn Diagram between these mostly younger queers and the ones who think we should ban kink at Pride is a full circle. (This sounds glib here, but bear with me, friends. It’s relevant.)

The problem with any queer media representation is that there is not enough. We don’t get to have messy queers. We don’t get to have bad TV. We don’t get to have mediocre shows centered around us that are fun to watch when we’re too tired to do anything else on the weekend — because has anyone noticed, we’re still in a pandemic.

That was how I binged most of Q-Force, and the show took off for me after Episode 4, “EuropeVision.” This episode allowed all the characters to be human, to go beyond the jokes. Continue reading “Q-Force: Maybe It’s Better Than You Thought”

Once Upon a Time 1×05-1×12 TV Reviews

In an effort to catch up my reviews (I wrote them!), I’m posting them in a bit of bulk. How I review: I watch it and live blog. None of the episodes I was spoiled for, and I tend to speculate about what’s going to happen next. Which may or may not come true. And as of today, I haven’t seen anything from Season 2.

Once Upon a Time 1×05 “That Still Small Voice”

Is it fairy tale land or is it a bad Ren Fair? For the first time, I don’t think that I’m as impressed with the fairy tale world.

Oh, Jiminy Cricket, you just want to be a good boy. No mixed messages from your parents about who you want to be or should be. Or if crickets are noisy or not.

Jiminy as a child. A small ginger child.
Jiminy as a child. A small ginger child.

Yeah, that’s as sexy deputy sheriff’s outfit. Continue reading “Once Upon a Time 1×05-1×12 TV Reviews”

Lost Girl 2×10 “Raging Fae” TV Review

Sounds like Kenzie is ordering Thanksgiving dinner, and Bo has some secret plans. Some secret fucks too.

Kenzie's busy dreaming of food.
Kenzie's busy dreaming of food.

Ooh, Bo just admitted to Kenzie that she was given a vision of killing Trick. Doctor interuptus…

The ladies are getting tailed by someone I thought was Ciara, but not. Besides Ciara would actually send people to do that work.

It’s the secret fight ring. “A human cockfighting ring?” “Keep the joke inside. Keep the joke inside.” Continue reading “Lost Girl 2×10 “Raging Fae” TV Review”

The Heart of the Matter: Sherlock 2×01 “A Scandal in Belgravia” TV Review

Sherlock and Watson: solving mysteries in the modern world.
Sherlock and Watson: solving mysteries in the modern world. Like why John's wearing such a horrid sweater.

Sherlock is fast becoming one of my favorite shows. Between the smart plots, the attention to detail, the clothing — I did cosplay as Sherlock and the lovely Lisa was my Watson –, the modernism, and the pure delight of the world’s only consulting detective, I adore Sherlock despite its flaws. I’ll admit to loving the romanticism of the detective almost as much as Sherlock, and that my other favorite show, Lost Girl is an urban fantasy about a private detective.

I knew going into “A Scandal in Belgravia” that any plot with Irene Adler would be sexy and engaging, but problematic. Problematic because Irene is “The Woman”; she is the woman Sherlock puts on the pedestal and calls it love. And while Sherlock shows the progression of the mysteries our heroes solve, it’s also bias from the point-of-view of Sherlock. In fact, this episode was perhaps the closest representation of what goes on in Sherlock’s head that we’ve seen on screen yet. Heck, we see Sherlock’s observations literally on the screen before us. And to Sherlock, Irene is an ideal, a trope, a puzzle, and what he believes love is about. Continue reading “The Heart of the Matter: Sherlock 2×01 “A Scandal in Belgravia” TV Review”

Lost Girl 2×08 “Death Didn’t Become Him” TV Review

Lauren in her lab.
Fae secrets that everyone already knows about, Lauren.

Body bags, sexy. Really, Lauren, you’d think that was a blow-off. Even in the magical fae world of…well, magic. And with all those things you see all the time. That would sound like a brush off, not like you’re a crazy lady.

Also, seems like we haven’t cast who’s going to be playing Nadia. She better have a hot smile.

I’m so thrilled that we’re finally having some gay men on Lost Girl, and I love that Donny is Trick’s oldest friend. What a freaking sad story. I’m so glad this is backed up by Hale being a lady killer for comedy relief. Wait…does this mean that Hale won’t be in the rest of this episode? This is sad. Continue reading “Lost Girl 2×08 “Death Didn’t Become Him” TV Review”

Lost Girl 2×07 “Fae Gone Wild” TV Review

Kenzie and Bo restrain from peeking
The ladies show restraint. A lot of restrain in front of a key to a mystery.

Oh, Kenzie, everyone wants Bo to open it too. But yeah, she’s too much of a goody-goody. And all brokenhearted.

Wait, did this become a Mark Millar comic? Suddenly, I’m getting some crazy flashbacks to some bad movies. Obviously, they’re fae women. Also Hale and Dyson need to be more on guard. Slackers. Someone in costume likes leather, a lot. Continue reading “Lost Girl 2×07 “Fae Gone Wild” TV Review”

Lost Girl 2×06 “It’s Better to Burn Out Than Fae Away” TV Review

Even the Morrigan looked bored by her A-plot.

So I ended up watching this episode twice, and not just because of that scene my friends. Though that helped. Actually, our good friends in Canada, who are the only people who air Lost Girl, had some glitches, so I had to watch it again without glitches. But this did prevent me from doing my normal live-type reviews because I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to watch the entire episode. Continue reading “Lost Girl 2×06 “It’s Better to Burn Out Than Fae Away” TV Review”

Lost Girl 2×05 “BrotherFae of the Wolves” TV Review

“You’re a policeman who’s also his own police dog.” I love this line a lot.

Ooh, wet t-shirt contest. So Dyson has to take off his shirt and express his love to other wolf dude with the Irish accent: Caden.

Dyson and Caden
Does this homoeroticism need a caption? Hoyay brings all the man-loving fangirls and boys to the yard.

I’m rather unsure how I feel about Kenzie finding the male-bonding stuff all hot. Is she fandom in this story? Continue reading “Lost Girl 2×05 “BrotherFae of the Wolves” TV Review”

Lost Girl 2×04 “Mirror, Mirror” TV Review

Bo, Trick, and Kenzie watch Dyson with the ladies.
Bo, Trick, and Kenzie: the only ladies who aren't under Dyson's spell.

Those are some shallow and not very quippy jokes of jealously and brokenheartness. It’s like Bo’s so bummed out about Dyson that she’s not even trying. Bo, no one believes that you can handle it.

Spell books always lead to bad things. I’ve watched enough supernatural shows. So does invoking Baba Yaga, because she’s totally going to be real on Lost Girl. “Perhaps you’re concentrating too much on Dyson’s junk.” Though it’s really nice that they’re bringing back in Kenzie’s Russian heritage. (We heard her speak Russian in the very first episode.) Oh, no, I saw this coming with Kenzie trying to get revenge for Bo through magic that will work in some way. Continue reading “Lost Girl 2×04 “Mirror, Mirror” TV Review”