Lost Girl 2×03 “Scream a Little Dream” TV Review

Kenzie gets a splinter.
Broom: 1 splinter. Kenzie: 0. Bo: Sword.

Love Kenzie fighting with the broom and Bo running in with a sword.

Awe, bff stress cleaning. (Yes, bffs reading this: the whole living together thing would’ve worked better if you’d stressed cleaned with me. Just teasing. Love you.) “You can be Cinderella; and I’ll be your little birdie.”

There is something not going on right in that retirement home? (It is a retirement home, right?) Continue reading “Lost Girl 2×03 “Scream a Little Dream” TV Review”

Once Upon a Time 1×03 “Snow Falls” TV Review

Everyone at the hospital.
These characters are pretty much all monochromatic.

As I was thinking about this episode and what I was going to write in this space, I was trying to figure out what about this show is off. There have been some media fans who’ve slagged it off as the cheaper version of Fables. (Let’s just not talk about Fables and its problems.) But in fact, Once Upon a Time has the same exact problem Fables had in its early year (and arguably now too though there were some token bad portrayals), it’s all a bunch of white people. (The Mirror was the only exception, but there should be more diversity!) Sure, we’re dealing with European fairy tales, which are from cultures that were, at the time said fairy tales were written down, by-and-large populated by white people. That said, this is TV, this is a fairy tale; we can mix it up. I hope that when they introduce say Sleeping Beauty, she’s brown. Continue reading “Once Upon a Time 1×03 “Snow Falls” TV Review”

Once Upon a Time 1×02 “The Thing You Love Most” TV Review

Some day, I swear I’ll be caught on my reviewing.

Regina shows up baring apples
Regina brings her famous apples to Emma.

I’m really digging this show. I love-love when you can find out information about how the baddie became just so damn evil. I like that already in the second episode we’re exploring a character who came off as wholly unsympathetic in the first episode. Continue reading “Once Upon a Time 1×02 “The Thing You Love Most” TV Review”

True Blood 4×12 “And When I Die” TV Review

And the last of my True Blood reviews for Season 4 that I did pre-GeekGirlCon.

For some reason, I thought this season had more episodes than 12. Huh.

Jesus makes breakfast and gives Lafayette a massage.
Pretty much after he's won the award for the best boyfriend in the world, you know Jesus is doomed.

Marnie apparently hates kisses from Jesus. How sad it that? Also doesn’t Jesus notice something’s up when Lafayette isn’t be all chatty? Yeah, PTSD, blah, blah, blah. But seriously. Also Jesus is giving a massage when he had to cut his arm open, doesn’t that hurt?

Good to know that Sookie still thinks of her grandma sometimes. You’d hope they’d be better memories. Oh, Tara, that was a good comment about Gran. But it is nice for Tara and Sookie to have a conversation like they’re friends who actually care about each other. Awe. Continue reading “True Blood 4×12 “And When I Die” TV Review”

Once Upon a Time 1×01 Pilot TV Review

Emma makes a wish on her birthday
Emma makes a wish on her birthday. What she doesn't know is that if you wish upon a star...

There are very few new shows that pinged my radar as one to watch, and Once Upon a Time was one of those shows. I like urban fantasies (see Lost Girl, Angel, Fables, and to some extent Doctor Who), and I was interested to see Ginnifer Goodwin again on my screen. Plus, Jane Espeson is one of the writers. (If you haven’t seen Espenson’s webseries Husbands, you should.)

For the first part of the “Pilot,” I was rolling along with the story. Emma’s character didn’t quite grab me. Though I liked the twist on how we thought she was on a date — due in large part to the copious advertising of the show, we viewers assume she’s a princess — and how we were expecting her to say she’s looking for her prince. Continue reading “Once Upon a Time 1×01 Pilot TV Review”

Lost Girl 2×02 “I Fought the Fae (and the Fae Won)” TV Review

Hale and Kenzie prepare for a depressed Bo.
Ice Cream? Check. Vodka? Check. And a tranquilizer... Just another Saturday night with the sidekicks.

Vodka and a large animal tranq dart sounds like a good night, Kenzie and Hale. Also Kenzie forgot the Mr. Darcy movies. Bo is one determined lady.

Kenzie and Bo in the mirror
Mirror, mirror on the wall. We're awesome women with a plan.

Let me guess, Porcupine Lady is a desperate woman in love. Continue reading “Lost Girl 2×02 “I Fought the Fae (and the Fae Won)” TV Review”

Lost Girl 2×01 Something Wicked This Fae Comes TV Review

Bo and Kenzie
Lost Girl stars these two lovely women, Bo and Kenzie. They are awesomesauce.

Lost Girl is an urban fantasy detective show about a succubus Bo and her human sidekick and best friend Kenzie. Together, they solve supernatural mysteries and crimes. And sometimes they call in the help of two police detectives, Dyson a werewolf and Hale a siren; a human doctor Lauren who studies and works for the fae; and Trick, a very old and powerful fae who owns a bar that looks like it would fit in a Tolkien novel. The show aired its first season in Canada, which is why you probably haven’t heard of it. But SyFy picked it up and is supposed to start airing season one and the new season soon.

To me, Lost Girl is the show someone wrote for me. I love it. You should watch it, and then come back to read this review when you’ve watch the first episode of season two.

Hale, Kenzie, and Bo go Ghostbustering
Who you gonna call? Lost Girl. (Not a very catchy tagline there, Kenzie and Bo.)

Oh, yeah, first episode opens with some Ghostbusters action. Though bad lighting. Really bad lightening. Continue reading “Lost Girl 2×01 Something Wicked This Fae Comes TV Review”