True Blood 3×11 “Fresh Blood” TV Review

Okay, I’m a slow-poke when it came to writing this review for “Fresh Blood.” In fact, I thought the finale was supposed to air Labor Day weekend (don’t always believe what you read on IMDB) and was content at just writing a review of both episodes. Because truthfully, “Fresh Blood” feels like the first half of a two-parter. Even though True Blood episodes always string together narratively anyway.

True Blood 3x11 Bill gets silver mace to the face
Bill entertains us by opening the episode with mace in the face.

It seems as though having hot sex with two hot vampires is not enough these days, and Yvette is out for some petty revenge on Eric and Pam. However, instead of making a beeline to the cash register or Eric’s vault where I’m sure the code is Godric’s birthday divided by the minutes it took Eric’s father to die from werewolf bites, Yvette runs downstairs to unchain Sookie. Don’t say no one every did anything nice for you, Sookie. Then sadly, Yvette and Sookie interrupt Pam macing Bill (silver mace). Poor Pam gets tied up with silver chains (again) and threatened with mace. Continue reading “True Blood 3×11 “Fresh Blood” TV Review”

True Blood 3×09 “Everything is Broken” TV Review

Before the spoiler cut, this was the best ending ever. If you hated everything else in True Blood 3×09 “Everything is Broken,” you need to stick through until the last scene. It’s brilliant and over-the-top. Just in the perfect way that keeps me coming back for more.

True Blood 3x09 Eric and Pam
True Blood starts off the right way: shirtless Eric and Pam in her bra.

To launch right into things, I rather sick of every woman’s backstory containing sexual abuse or physical abuse. Continue reading “True Blood 3×09 “Everything is Broken” TV Review”

True Blood 3×07 “Hitting the Ground” TV Review

Oh, True Blood, I’m glad to see you’re back in form. Good old, supernatural soap opera. I just can’t stay away from you. “Hitting the Ground” was an overall pretty satisfying episode, and they’ve dropped/ended most all the plots which made me cringe with horror and explode all over my blog with rage about.

True Blood 3x07 Hitting the Ground Jason
Jason and I ponder episodes in much the same way. Almost naked and with nightsticks.

— I did love Sookie’s line to Lorena: “You wouldn’t know love if it kicked you in the fangs!” That’s classic Sookie Stackhouse right there.

— Poor Lorena. She never got any slack. And that shirt. Continue reading “True Blood 3×07 “Hitting the Ground” TV Review”

True Blood 3×06 “I Got a Right to Sing the Blues” TV Review

Look it, putting my True Blood review for 3×06 “I Got a Right to Sing the Blues” right before episode seven airs. Life’s been a little behind these days.

True Blood 3x06 "I Got a Right to Sing the Blues" Jason
In his letterman's jacket, Office Jason 'catches' fornicators.

Russell isn’t scared of Sookie’s powers. Nope. He’s fascinated by them, and apparently, when Sookie can’t pull the same trick twice, he drags her back to Casa del Fabulous. Continue reading “True Blood 3×06 “I Got a Right to Sing the Blues” TV Review”

Reviews True Blood 3×03 “It Hurts Me Too”

Jason is angry
Jason expresses my outrage. His grandma always taught him to be respectful. Even if he's a manwhore.

Wow, I so did not like this episode. In fact, this may be the worst episode of True Blood to grace my screen. In fact, I found “It Hurts Me Too” to be downright misogynistic. There are four women in “It Hurts Me Too” who are preyed on, and one of them, we’re supposed to be cheering on her destruction. Overall, it left a really bad taste in my mouth, and I left my couch disgusted and not looking forward to the next episode (in two weeks due to the holiday). Continue reading “Reviews True Blood 3×03 “It Hurts Me Too””