The Joke’s On You, Webmaster

As a gainfully employed person with a busy social and home life, I often find that my websites are neglected. They can fall into such disrepair that my only notion of ‘updating’ them to current standards and design are to take it all down and start from scratch.

Since relaunching this site, I am making a concerted effort never to let that happen again. Especially when I found myself looking at my homepage and thinking that there was just something about it I didn’t like.

The first go at Sliver Of Ice Design

Then I realized that this page violated one of the basic web design rules. It said nothing about me.

Okay, it says a lot about me. It just didn’t have any words, so it literally read nothing about me and lost a lot of potential to speak about me.

Now I’ve gone with this rearrangement, addition of text, and a change up a little in colors. While I don’t think it’s perfect yet, I do think it’s better. (I want to switch the pink rabbit and the green photography around.)

Sliver of Ice Design on second attempt

Website, I promise that I will neglect you less in the future and realize that you’re dynamic with lots of potential to help me out in life.

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