Things of a Kind

Dandolin Wishes by Olivander
Dandelion Wishes

10 things I wish I could say to 10 different people I know (no names used):

  • I miss when you had dreams for the future.
  • I feel like I’m always polishing what you carved. The splinters are annoying.
  • I had this dream once that you were suicidal and only had one reason to live. My subconscious is pretty right about this.
  • I miss the stories you used to tell, but then you dropped off the face of the earth. For a long time, I was worried you died, but I’m glad you resurfaced even if we don’t know each other anymore.
  • I’ve know for a long time that you’re gay, but have never pushed it as we aren’t that close. But when you do finally come out, I just want you to know I’ll support you.
  • I wish I could hold your hand and show you what I see about you. But you’d probably just laugh as it’s something to discover on your own.
  • I thought you were really rude to me and dishonest about what you were expecting, mostly to cover your butt.
  • I love you. A lot. I always have and always will. But never in the way you want.
  • I think you should dump him and move on with your life. You deserve someone who will take care of you too.
  • I really want to be your friend and part of your community, but for some reason, always have a hard time connecting with you.

rabbit on the brain by Laura Burlton
Rabbit on the Brain

9 things about myself:

  • I have a bleeding heart for animals. I start crying when watching shows about polar bear extinction and want to adopt every animal in a shelter.
  • I frequently dreams about raising rabbits again.
  • One of my superpowers is to have people tell me about their dating/romance/sex lives. Mostly of the time, I’m honored that they feel I’m open/non-judgmental enough to tell deep dark secrets. Though sometimes, it’s just not appropriate.
  • Lists help me remember.
  • I enjoy presenting and public speaking, but don’t always enjoy small group activities and get way more stage fright there.
  • I grew up drinking well water. Great tasting water. I cannot drink unfiltered city water and can always smell the chlorine and minerals. The worst water I ever drank was at my great-grandparents’ house in rural South Dakota.
  • I like puzzles: crossword puzzles, suduko, mystery novels, css coding
  • My ethics are basically summed up with the words: Star Trek: The Next Generation. And I’m thinking of changing my facebook religious status to “Batman.”
  • I believe questioning, skepticism, and our ability to learn and retain knowledge and seek more is what separates the animal of humanity from other animals.

8 ways to win my heart:

  • Doing what you’re passionate about in a positive way. It’s one thing to talk the talk, but another to walk the walk.
  • Being kind to animals.
  • Take my opinions on comic books seriously. Even if you disagree with them.
  • Compliment my cooking/baking.
  • Take me out to dinner and don’t comment on my food restrictions.
  • Give me a safe and open place to be myself.
  • Surprise me. In good ways. Like continuously opening up a pomegranate.
  • Be unashamed of being dorky or corny.
Pay Attention by crackedmoon
Pay Attention

7 things that cross my mind a lot:

  • Use your turn signal, turn on your lights in the rain, and don’t wear all black to cross the street at night.
  • My cat doesn’t trust me to feed him. Only his constant meows remind me, even if I have his food in hand.
  • Why do people create unnecessary .pdfs?
  • Are iPods subject to the cassette tape rule? Cassette tape rule: Every tape turns into a Queen tape while on a road trip.
  • Wow, X would make a really great blog post. Too bad I’m half asleep, but I’m sure I’ll remember in the morning. REMEMBERING NEVER HAPPENS. EVER.
  • Clothes: Why don’t you create outfits out of yourself so I can slip easily into them. Or better yet, why don’t I have singing mice to create me haute couture?
  • Will plugging my brain into the computer be awesome or will I end up a Cyberwoman or Borg?

6 things I do before I fall asleep (in no particular order):

  • Floss.
  • Brush my teeth.
  • Sing the bedtime song to Winston.
  • Tell Jason I love him.
  • Fill my water glass.
  • Tell myself a story.
My Grandpa
My Grandpa

5 people who mean a lot:

  • Jason
  • Grandma
  • Grandpa
  • Mom
  • Gretchen

4 things I’m wearing right now:

  • The necklace Jason’s dad bought me
  • Green ExOfficio waffle shirt
  • Jeans
  • Undies

3 artists I listen to often lately:

  • Scissor Sisters
  • Gnarles Barkley
  • Tori Amos

2 things you want to do before you die:

  • Search for hobbits in New Zealand.
  • Spend my retirement (pre-assisted living years) in a villa in Tuscany.

1 confession:

  • I have big life plans that I don’t talk about online because 1) I fear failure; 2) I fear success; 3) I don’t want to be held accountable to the interwebs yet; 4) plans aren’t completely hashed; and 5) it could have real life consequences on other things I’m trying to do.

photo credit: Olivander/Laura Burlton/crackedmoon/Creative Commons

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