Thumbs Down: Prosumer Goals for the Second Half of July

I will hang my head in shame:

Big Stores or Not Independently Owned: (13 visits)
Sunny Teriyaki
TruValue Hardware (2)
Yahoo! Flick’r
Fred Meyer
Union 76
Safeway (2)
National Furniture and Bed

Government (1 visit)
US Postal Service

Locally Owned and Ran Businesses: (5 visits)
Bai Tong Thai Restaurant
Pagliacci Pizza
Metropolitan Market
Shoofly Pie Company
Pho Tai

Bai Tong, Pagliacci’s, and the Shoofly Pie Company are all favorites of mine and worth repeat visits.

Unsure: (1 visit)

Part of me wants to say, this is what moving does to you. (For those of you who don’t know, I moved in July across Seattle from West Seattle to Magnolia. That’s right, Subaru Outback driving, latte drinking, Obama voting, middle/upper middle class, I’m in ur ‘hood.)

But excuses, excuses.

That doesn’t make up for the fact that 65% of my shopping was done at big stores or chains. My rate was set at 20%. This is a failure, and as I go to fill my glass with water, I will be doing the walk of shame. 🙁

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