True Blood 3×07 “Hitting the Ground” TV Review

Oh, True Blood, I’m glad to see you’re back in form. Good old, supernatural soap opera. I just can’t stay away from you. “Hitting the Ground” was an overall pretty satisfying episode, and they’ve dropped/ended most all the plots which made me cringe with horror and explode all over my blog with rage about.

True Blood 3x07 Hitting the Ground Jason
Jason and I ponder episodes in much the same way Almost naked and with nightsticks

— I did love Sookie’s line to Lorena: “You wouldn’t know love if it kicked you in the fangs!” That’s classic Sookie Stackhouse right there.

— Poor Lorena. She never got any slack. And that shirt. Now it’s just exploding goo. (Makes you kind of miss the days when vampires just blew away in the wind.) I figured she’d die just about the same way she did in the book. Though I do think Charlaine Harris gave Sookie a bit more agency than Alan Ball and company as Bill didn’t help Sookie in the book.

True Blood 3x07 Hitting the Ground Lorena
Lorena and her fabulous shirt turn into bloody goo

— That said, I’m so freaking glad that Ball did not go with the Sookie gets fed on and raped by Bill in the trunk of a white Lincoln plot thread. I don’t like the character of Bill, and I felt like Harris wanted Sookie to date more (which I like), but then took a lazy shortcut to get Sookie pissed off enough to break-up with him (which I did not like). And I’d rather not have Sookie a victim of sexual violence (again).

True Blood 3x07 Hitting the Ground Tara, Bill, and Sookie
Instead Bill drains Sookie in the back of a construction truck

— Jason’s line to Hoyt: “I knew you and me being roommates wasn’t going to suck forever!” was classic Jason Stackhouse. It never surprises me that all his plot revolve about his penis.

True Blood 3x07 Hitting the Ground Hoyt and Jason
Dont forget to button up those pants Hoyt

— Summer sure knew that she wanted Hoyt. Sorry, Summer, it’s all Hoyt/Jessica on this blog. I hope your biscuits are great; however, you might want to try muffins.

— What the heck is up with Sookie having no blood type? I assume it’s going to be connected to her relationship with Claudine. (Those who’ve read the books know exactly what I’m talking about.) However, there’s no way Harris could’ve written Sookie like this considering how many time she winds up in the ER after being beaten, stabbed, or shot in the books. Okay, hopefully Ball will give us a satisfying Watsonian approach in his answer.

True Blood 3x07 Hitting the Ground Sookie
Sookie going glowy in her hospital gown

— I assume Eric now knows that answer since Hadley told him in exchange for her life. Sophie-Ann becomes even less sympathetic/human when she doesn’t stand up for her girlfriend. Who’s conveniently Sookie’s cousin.

True Blood 3x07 Hitting the Ground Sophie-Ann
Sophie Ann watches from her cage

— Tara, I’m so glad you’re back. I love her tossing Bill’s ass into the sun and being glad he burned. And the oh, shit, look on her face when she realized that she didn’t actually kill Franklin. (See, Sookie, this is why you need to sit your best friend and roommate down and explain to her all the rules of the supernatural world so she doesn’t make this kind of horrible mistakes.)

— Lafayette’s monologue was great. Excellently delivered. However, it felt oddly placed. Though, I did love that he took care of the hospital people when Jason was freaking out. Actually, I really liked how much of a good friend Lafayette was to both Jason and Sookie in “Hitting the Ground.” I hope they remember that.

True Blood 3x07 Hitting the Ground Lafayette, Sookie, and Jason
Everyone watches over Sookie Hopefully someone remembered to turn off the stove Lafayette was cooking on when they ran to the hospital

— Sookie’s whole near-death adventure to happy land was a little too reminiscent of the near death/tripping scenes Ball did in Six Feet Under. And really after that time Ruth accidentally tripped on what she thought was aspirin, you can’t top that.

True Blood 3x07 Hitting the Ground Sookie and Claudine
Sookie explores dreamland with Claudine

— Claudine, however, is awesome.

— I’m so glad this chapter of Sam’s white trash family is closed. I got a little scared they’d get too graphic with the dog abuse. (Puppies!) Sam’s line calling his father “a sad man in saggy underpants with no discernible life skills whatsoever” was perfect.

— Yes, Pam is okay and free. She also had lines. I loved her just spitting back in the Magister’s face as he tried to torture her. He threatens to pierce her eyelids with sterling silver (from Tiffany’s), and she just snarks back at him, “How’d you know I was a Tiffany’s girl?” Why? Because even under torture, Pam is just that awesome.

True Blood 3x07 Hitting the Ground Pam
Pam has taste and class Unfortunately silver just doesnt agree with her Allergies

— I loved the horrible wedding ceremony between Russell and Sophie-Ann. Their air-kisses were just great. If Russell wasn’t such a bastard, he and Sophie-Ann would have the best beard relationship ever.

True Blood 3x07 Hitting the Ground Russell and Sophie-Ann
Russell and Sophie Ann are keeping the sanctity of marriage

— I’m not sure how I feel about Ball and company making Russell declare some sort of war over the Authority. But I do think it’ll make a great soap opera and playing ground for the television show.

True Blood 3x07 Hitting the Ground Sophie-Ann
Sophie Ann was shocked by this ending What has her new husband done
True Blood 3x07 Hitting the Ground Pam and Eric
Pam was also shocked Even if she wanted to do it herself Eric however wasnt

What I want next week: More Pam, more Claudine, Sookie to wake up, Lafayette to make up with Jesus, and more information about Russell’s evil plans. Also to keep up with the one-line zingers.

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