True Blood 3×08 “Night on the Sun” TV Review

In “Night on the Sun” episode 3×08, True Blood brings on the vampire porn. I think almost everyone had sex and/or almost died. Lots of blood and nudity. Just the way we like it.

True Blood 3x08 Sookie
Sookie screams because shes a big fan girl for this episode

Sookie wakes up screaming, and she unfortunately forgets throughout the whole episode that anyone but Bill ever helped her. When she and Bill broke up for this episode, I had my hopes. But I’m afraid that Alan Ball is a massive Sookie/Bill shipper and will keep them together forever and ever.

True Blood 3x08 Bill
Dont cry for me Suuuuuuuuckey

Though the writers could still pull out just why Bill came into Merlotte’s. They’ve hinted, but never gone through with it. Although, in Hadley’s warning from Eric to Sookie, he told her not to trust Bill and that could be why. In the books, Eric is the one who tells her.

In the world of evil vampires, Russell moves his new beard Sophie-Ann into his home. Much to Talbot being pissed off. Everyone’s trampling on his home. It took him hours to clean Franklin’s brains off the bed. Not to mention, Debbie got snot all his silk pillows crying about dead Cooter. Russell leaves Eric, 100% viking hotness, to entertain his husband.

True Blood 3x08 Russell and Talbot
There can only be one queen here And its not her Russell

Arlene’s starting to feel guilty about not telling Terry that the baby is not his, but Renee’s. But wow, I was not expecting dream!Terry to morph into ghost!Renee. I’d scream too, Arlene.

True Blood 3x08 Arlene and Terry
Hush little baby dont say a word Daddy killed some local girls

Oh my god, how much do I love Jessica and Bill’s dynamic. I love her finally standing up to him. Demanding to stay and calling him out on not training her properly. And him feeling totally bad about. Though in typical Bill-style, his little talk about how they can’t love humans was completely about him and Sookie and had nothing to do with Jessica and Hoyt’s adorable love.

True Blood 3x08 Jessica and Bill
Ah Jessica has her vampire dad back
True Blood 3x08 Jessica and Bill
Jessica and Bill train Adorable

Alcide will always be the puppy who got away. But why was he wearing his shirt this entire episode?

True Blood 3x08 Sookie and Alcide
Even standing higher than him Alcide is still taller than Sookie

I’m really glad that Sookie kicked out Andy and Jason. Even if she did it for the wrong reasons. They were being extremely rude to her in her own home.

Tara and Lafayette’s scene was really touching. I like Ball’s repositioning of Lafayette as the person who takes care of other people. It really gets his character away from the drug-dealer stereotype. Lafayette and Tara’s close relationship is always a great contrast to Sookie and Jason’s bad relationship.

True Blood 3x08 Tara and Lafayette
Foot rubs are amazingly awesome

I’m sad to see that Sookie and Tara are fighting again. I loved the moment when they lay down in the sun together, holding hands, and Tara brought up when they were younger and what Sookie’s grandma used to yell at them about sunscreen. But then they both get confrontational with each other about their recent demons. Sweeties, it’s called therapy; I’m sure even in Bon Temps you can find some.

True Blood 3x08 Sookie and Tara
Catching sun rays where no vampires lurk

Ruby escaping from the mental hospital was a great plot device to get Jesus back into the picture. I love how she goes on and on giving hints of what’s to come. That’s brilliant. And how Jesus starts backing her up on some of her crazy. I’ll make bets that Jesus is a witch; they seemed to have hinted at this pretty heavily between the religious icon talk, recognizing Lafayette’s power, and how he promises Ruby he’ll protect Lafayette. Jesus and Lafayette are awesome together. I support this 100%.

True Blood 3x08 Lafayette, Ruby, and Jesus
Ruby comes after Lafayette and Jesus with a knife when she refuses to go back to the mental hospital Because shes trying to protect Lafayette by knifing him

One thing I really love about True Blood is its casting. Every single scene with Crystal makes me think just how well she’s cast. She’s really perfect for the role: inbred looking, but oddly attractive. However, I’m not so keen on her plot making Calvin the bad guy.

True Blood 3x08 Crystal
Maybe if youre real nice shell cook you some meth to go with Summers biscuits

Speaking of casting, the only casting I didn’t like was the newly introduced Holly. That’s just not how I saw her.

True Blood 3x08 Holly
Hollys a little more homely than I pictured

Unfortunately, Hadley’s visit comes a little too late. For both of them. Of course, Hadley’s in a way worse position than Sookie is.

True Blood 3x08 Hadley and Sookie
In a little heart to heart Hadley finds out Grandmas dead

Then it’s time for the porn and the killing. Finally…

True Blood 3x08 Crystal and Jason
First Jason furthers his p lot
True Blood 3x08 Jesus and Lafayette
And the guys get back to where they left off
True Blood 3x08 Bill and a werewolf
Bill does some slaughtering
True Blood 3x08 Jessica and Russell
Russell threatens Bill with poor Jessica Even if Russell dressed for the opera instead of a blood bath
True Blood 3x08 Russell and Bill
Bill actually gives himself up for Jessica Pretty noble of him
True Blood 3x08 Debbie
Sookie cuts Debbie a Joker face Her j j joker face
True Blood 3x08 Eric and Talbot
Usually this moment is a lot better But Talbot comes to another realization His death
True Blood 3x08 Eric
Naked Erics bring the gore back
True Blood 3x08 Jessica and a wolf
Jessica kills a wolf Go baby vampire
True Blood 3x08 Sookie and Bill
Bill seems to have a thing for twisting necks

How how can next week beat this?

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