True Blood 3×10 “I Smell a Rat” TV Review

True Blood 3x10 Sookie
Sookie is not exactly thrilled what this week's episode revealed about her.

Things are certainly gearing up for True Blood‘s season finale. “I Smell a Rat” was definitely a set-up for everything that’s going down. So here’s my speculation (which I’ll try to keep out what I know from the books, though Alan Ball doesn’t always follow those):

— There will be fairies in the human world.

— There will be a showdown with Russell. Though I’m not entirely sure that Russell will be killed. Eric will live because he’s hot and needed for the future. If they leave Russell alive, he’ll be the dangling thread for next season. (Though I’m not sure how they’ll make next season that much more scary for Sookie given Russell is super strong and old.)

True Blood 3x10 Russell and a hooker
Russell goes further into the land of crazy reenacting Talbot's death with a hooker.

— They might use the season hiatus to further along Jason’s plot with the werepanthers in Hotshot. I’m so glad they went with real animals verses CGI here. The look on Jason’s face when he sees a panther in his bedroom was awesome.

True Blood 3x10 Crystal and Jason
Crystal reveals Hotshot's big secret; they're werepanthers.

— Bill will continue to be discredited. Since Eric called him out on being ordered by Sophie-Ann to find Sookie, Eric’s going to tell her soon.

True Blood 3x10 Bill, Sookie, and Eric
The boys are keeping secrets. Kind of makes you wish you could read vampire minds, doesn't it, Sookie?

— Tommy continues to be a bad choice plot wise. This means, he’ll probably end up in the body count. This may happen when Jessica finds out that werewolves aren’t the only kind of shifters and that wasn’t a dog that attacked Hoyt. (I hope that Bill continues her vampire education.)

True Blood 3x10 Hoyt and Jessica
Awe. Aren't they cute?

— Lafayette with Jesus’ help will continue to discover his powers. Since they had such a positive experience (except for the ending), I suspect that a bad trip is next. Maybe I’ve been conditioned that happy characters will have a fall or maybe that’s the tugging in the back of my mind about season finales.

True Blood 3x10 Jesus and Lafayette
Both of them are a little scared of Jesus' grandfather.

— Ruby will show up to save her son. Possibly from Jesus’ grandfather.

— Sophie-Ann and Pam will both assist in disposing of Russell. Hopefully, this will make Sophie-Ann a stronger character. More like she is in the books. Sophie-Ann will do it because she hates Russell and it’s in her self-interest to off him. Pam will do it because she loves Eric. I adored Pam calling Eric out about how he would’ve done anything to save Godric and how she’d do the same for him.

True Blood 3x10 Pam and Eric
Pam does not want Eric's Swedish farm. She wants him alive.

— Tara will once again bond with Sam, and part of the reason she’s so attracted to him is because he’s human. When she finds out about shifters, she’ll freak out and put another stab into Sam’s belly. (Hopefully, not literally. But you never know with True Blood.)

— Arlene still wants to get rid of her evil baby. Since Terry doesn’t and is intent on “wrapping it in love” to keep it from becoming Rosemary’s baby, Arlene will enlist Holly, the Wiccan. I hope this means that we meet her best friend Danielle.

True Blood 3x10 Terry and Arlene
Arlene is afraid of what's growing inside her.

I have a feeling next week will be a really great cliffhanger.

True Blood 3x10 Sookie and Eric
Eric will be using Sookie as a pawn to attract Russell's attention, long enough to kill him.

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