True Blood 3×12 “Evil is Going On” TV Review

Now that True Blood‘s ended for the season, I feel a lack of bad genre TV in my life. Oh, the good old days when I watched many genres shows. I’m going to miss my bad, sexy vampire TV show.

True Blood 3x12 Jason
Jason wants to know just how he's going to survive the coming winter without his favorite vampire show.

That said, “Evil is Going On” is perhaps the worst episode to date. Seriously, it felt like a filler episode. It did the set up work for next season that a season ender is supposed to do, but it didn’t leave me wanting more now. I don’t care what happens to Sookie in fairy land or if Bill or Queen Sophie-Ann die. Or if Russell escapes his concrete prison or if Eric feels bad after lectures from Godric and lets him out. Or if Jason becomes the Messiah of Hotshot. Lafayette’s new powers really typified why “Evil is Going On” felt like a filler. A new element, but not one I’m on my seat worrying about Lafayette until next summer. A couple interesting elements, yes, but I don’t need to know more.

The only things I really needed to know more about now were:

1) Sam shooting Tommy. Now this was pretty much the only real dramatic cliff-hanger of the season. On a plotline, I’ve hated since it was introduced.
2) Tara and her new life.
3) Creepy doll in Jessica and Hoyt’s new house coupled with Maxine buying a gun that Steve Newlin advertised for after her and Summer’s failed intervention.

True Blood 3x12 Maxine and Summer intervention
Maxine, Summer, and a pastor stage an intervention for Hoyt about his dating choices.
True Blood 3x12 Maxine buys a gun
Maxine arms herself for the coming war. The war over which woman her son's going to be... (Yeah, you get the idea.)
True Blood 3x12 Jessica and Hoyt
These two are just adorable in their new place. I want to draw hearts all over them.

And really, Alan Ball, how much was imprisoning an immortal in concrete a complete rip off of Torchwood. I know we gays support other gay shows by watching, no matter how bad they are, but seriously, your audience noticed.

Now that’s disappointment.

Let’s talk about the things I called from two reviews ago.

1. Fae in the human world. Albeit, their appearance seems brief and with a desire to take Sookie to their world instead.

True Blood 3x12 Sookie and Claudine
Sookie goes off to fairy land, where people LOVE her.

2. Russell was not killed. Neither was Eric. Russell is a dangling thread for next season, especially since Eric escaped his concrete prison. (Yes, Eric was fully healed. But still.)

True Blood 3x12 Eric and Russell burn
Eric and Russell sizzles like bacon on the concrete. Vampire bacon.
True Blood 3x12 Godric
Angel Godric comes back with a message of peace, love, and understanding. Freaking hippie.
True Blood 3x12 Russell
Even covered in concrete and crispy-fried, Russell can't stop laughing at those fools.

3. Jason’s plot was furthered along in Hotshot. However, not in the way I excepted, except in Crystal’s half-brother’s freak out. I did not predict that Calvin Norris would die. I should’ve given how much Ball hates poor white trash, but wants to clean them up, fix their teeth, and feed them. Ugh. Oh, how Charlaine Harris actually did something better in the books than the TV show.

True Blood 3x12 Calvin Norris
Calvin and the people of Hotshot. I have ranted enough on this topic. For now.

4. Eric did tell Sookie about Sophie-Ann ordering Bill to collect her. This was also a point that should’ve been more dramatic or maybe Paquin’s tears just didn’t sell me.

True Blood 3x12 Eric
Eric can be incredibly sexy, even when delivering bad news and flaking concrete off his skin.

5. Tommy is possibly dead. But I only got this half-correct as it was Sam’s rage, not Tommy’s obsession with Jessica, which got Tommy shot. “I can’t read” — Possibly the worst line.

True Blood 3x12 Tommy can't read
Maybe he needs to go to the Center for Kids Who Can't Read Good. (Seriously, though illiteracy is a horrible problem.)

[Okay, Bill little speech to Eric before throwing him in concrete was actually worse. What the hell was, “When fate presents one with such a grand opportunity, what else is one to do.” I know Bill old-fashioned and all, but that was such horrific dialog.]

6. Lafayette did discover his powers, and Jesus is a witch. However, I wouldn’t call it a bad trip, though what Lafayette saw was all bad stuff. He just has his powers on all the time and they’re currently uncontrollable.

True Blood 3x12 Lafayette and Jesus hug
A little hug between witches. Aren't they sweet?

7. I’m still betting on Ruby’s reemergence on the show to save Lafayette.

8. Wrong. Pam stays to manage the bar and be disappointed in Eric. And Sophie-Ann’s happy to have Eric do her dirty work, and it looks like Bill will kill her.

True Blood 3x12 Bill and Sophie-Ann
Bill lures Sophie-Ann into his house to kill her. Little do they know that at the cemetery in Bill's backyard, there's a fairy party going on.

9. Tara completely flipped that Sam’s a shifter.

True Blood 3x12 Tara and Sam eat breakfast
Seriously, Tara, he cooks and turns into an adorable puppy dog. What else could you want?
True Blood 3x12 Sookie and Tara hug
A little girl-on-girl action. Or at least that's how I'll frame it. (Instead of trauma-change induced hair cutting and Sookie knowing Tara's leaving because she's telepathic.)

10. Arlene enlisted Holly’s help to get rid of the baby last episode. (And devil!baby lived.)

True Blood 3x12 Rene and Arelene baby
It's Arlene's baby. Or Is that Rene's hand rocking the cradle.

Well, let’s hope that Season 4 is better than “Evil is Going On” makes it out to be.

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