True Blood 4×01 “She’s Not There” TV Review

Jesuse and Katerina
Jesus and Katerina Pelham are super excited for this season of True Blood Katerina does the fangirl dance

Oh, True Blood how I’ve missed your unique mix of trashy fantasy. Don’t ever leave me again. I may be very busy, but I’m going to keep trying to review True Blood this season.

The whole fairy land sequence, what the hell? I was beyond confused. I started to follow it, until I became incredibly confused when both Sookie’s grandfather and Berry the Bellhop were there. Sookie’s grandfather was clearly kidnapped while Berry died. Or did the fairies grab him before his final moments? Or does fairy land bypass death?

Claudine wasn’t as awesome as she should be. Nor Claude as pretty. Does this mean Claude’s not going to be a stripper? (And hey, I wonder if they’re going to add Claudia/Claudette to the cast…)

Obviously, Ball pretty much hates what Harris did with the faeries. We’ll see if he improves the storyline.

Queen Mab
Sookie Stackhouse you shall not pass

I do love that the faeries have a horrible side (even if it was a little Galadriel eying the One Ring of Power). Harris wrote them as good and great most of the time (with a few choice exceptions). I also like that they aren’t pretty all the time. Especially compared to the typical version of elves.

That said, I am sorely disappointed with the bad CGI of deconstructing fairyland. Also why is a faux Greek party with vines like way more awesome than being on a beach? Also, wtf cliff and the scene where Sookie’s grandpa dies (again) is way too drawn out.

Claude, Sookie, and her grandpa
Sookie must jump down the rabbit hole I mean into the Mines of Moria Or through the portal Err

I’m totally on board with this time leap. It works really well to move the story forward. Though personally, I’m kind of surprised that Jason’s plot hasn’t move further than it did. (With the Panther people.)

Other characters:

Pam and Jessica
Pam will soon be starting her own finishing school for young female vampires

Pam — Continues to rock my world. Hilarious giving her PSA about small business owning vampires and how human families should come to Fangtasia. I loved her outfit in the scene with Jessica and her advice. Oh, Pam, you warm my heart.

Tara — Awesome! She actually has a plotline I’m enjoying, and she can seemingly control of her temper. It’s nice to see her character grow compared to the last seasons of having the exact same plot happen over and over. (Only last season it got extra icky with rape and then slavery images.) I’m much happier with cage fighting, lesbian Tara. Though I’m surprised that no supernatural creature has gamed that. (In fact, I thought immediately of Quinn when I saw the fighting cages.)

Bill — I’m intrigued. I guess this means Evan Rachel Wood and her hot pixie haircut will not be back this season. I’m surprised though that they didn’t show the epic battle between her and Bill. Bill being King has certainly upgraded his wardrobe in a way that I approve of. (I wonder if Ball will make Portia his relative because I forgot about how it makes their dating even more creepy.) I like that Portia is attractive here, especially since I always thought she was painted ugly in the books due to Sookie’s personal bias.

Arlene and the evil!baby – Wow, I don’t care about this plot at all.

Hoyt and his eggs
I do not like green eggs and ham Hoyt I am I do not like them in a pan or made by my vampire girlfriend

Hoyt and Jessica – Hilarious. Of course, the shine of their relationship has worn off. Neither of them had good role models for relationships, and both of them probably need a lot of therapy. They hit my heart in that special place, like if I had married the first person I fell in love with and how it probably would’ve gone so horribly wrong very quickly. (We also suffered from the lack of good relationship role models.) That and until I was like 24, I had about Jessica’s level of cooking skills, so I can see myself being like “eat your fucking eggs.”

Jason and Sookie
Sookie I sold your house so I could feed a whole town of inbred werepanthers Community investment

Jason – So he’s king of the idiots? I am having a hard time with this turn in his characterization where he tries to do good. His is perhaps the only time jump that I can’t see easily. Covering for Andy? Yes. But, helping out at Hotshot for no other reason except the goodness of his heart and the guilt? No.

Sam and Tommy – Pretty hilarious, but wow, Tommy must’ve been on his last choice to hook up with Maxine. I’m glad that Sam has other shifters to hang with.

The witches' coven
None of this fluffy neo pagan shit These witches get right down to raising the dead

Lafayette, Jesus, and the other witches – Loving it so far. I adore Lafayette and Jesus together. They are so freaking adorable. Though I am kind of having issues with how much more mature Jesus is acting than Lafayette, maybe it was the silly yellow shirt and vest thing Lafayette was wearing. The main witch is rather scary, and I’m interested to see where this plot goes.

Eric – Oh, Eric. Buying Sookie’s house. Of course. But wtf, ending on a rapey note. DO NOT WANT. NEVER WANT. (Also, I don’t want another Spike and Buffy and Seeing Red fandom wank war.)

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