True Blood 4×07 Cold Grey Light of Dawn TV Review

MarnieAntonia says these witches are rising up against vampires Its war

I went about live blogging this episode, and it seems to be a successful method on making sure I write a post about it. I will hesitantly say that True Blood is back to its entertaining self.

Was that guard playing Plants Vs Zombies? Win.

So Marnie/Antonia thinks that any human working with vampires should be put to death? Suddenly I am reminded that Sookie’s house is just across the graveyard from King Bill’s house-of-power.

Hahaha. I love how Pam’s killing plans for Tara and Naomi are interrupted by people wanting to sell vampire attack videos to TMZ. “There are zombies now?!” “I am not a zombie.” “That’s just what a zombie would say.” Hilarious, and I think a nice call-out to the popularity of zombies.

Oh, Jesus knowing that Lafeyette is a medium. And evil grandpa being like “I had to almost kill the last of my kin to get you think you’re magical.”

Oh, Alcide, you know you’re supposed to be happy to join a pack. Of course, I don’t care much for blood rites either. Also, Debbie totally knows that Sookie went to fuck Eric, and now they’re watching.

Alcide and Debbie
Alcide and Debbie two voyeurs in the woods Im surprised Debbies not checking Alcides pants with jealously

King Bill, did you forget your spy-cam in that part of the woods? He’s not having a very good night: emo, shot, got vampire guts all over him.

Lesbian angst. This is suddenly the L Word with vampires. It’s okay, Tara, you can comfort yourself with some Indigo Girls and two guys named Ben & Jerry.

I, for one, am glad that Jason didn’t turn into a were-panther. No matter how funny it was to hear him say “were-panther” over-and-over. Plus, this workout scene makes for great Jason makes stupid faces screencaping. Stupid faces worrying that Hoyt will find out that he has a boner. I really wanted Jason to say something about Gran teaching him how to cook. But alas.

Jason works out hard Really hard < easy joke

Why is Bill telling Jessica what we already know?

Okay, Antonia may be a powerful necromancer, but I don’t know how she could kill ever single vampire as her power has what a 50-mile range? The vampires would kill her before she finished all of them off. Unless Antonia watched X-Men and decided that she needed a Cerebro. Or used her circle. But even then, a circle might be able to extend that power what 300 miles maybe? Not to mention Jesus’ grandpappy seems to view Antonia as a threat so it’s not like all witches are gathering around being all blessed be and then killing vampires.

Damn, isn’t Sookie’s vulva hurting? Or do fairy genes come with magical healing vulvae? There’s that world championship winning butt of Eric’s. (Read the books if you don’t know what I’m talking about.) Also, I hope Anna Paquin was nicely compensated for her boobs on TV.

Err…stop having a whispering conversation, Sookie and Soulful!Eric. Sookie, did Gran warn you directly against seeing that new man.

Poor Pam. But I’m glad that they’ve brought the supernatural doctor, Dr. Ludwig, back.

At least Bill’s nice enough to bring over silver chains for Eric. Being less of a creepy ex-boyfriend, I approve.

Oh, why does Tara always have to meet the villains and be recruited by them. Because that’s what Tara wants to do, relive Antonia’s rape and death. Don’t you know, Tara, revenge is a dish best served cold and burning witches are hot.

I really love this showing of Bill and Jessica’s relationship in him being pained by putting chains on her.

Bill puts chains on Jessica
Daddy loves you Have some more flesh searing chains

Pam, you are so fucking hardcore. Medicine shots in the face and silver chain-mail in her pink coffin.

Is Tara recruiting a pyramid scheme of witches?

Jessica and Bill’s talk is super endearing. Bill is also a self-hating vampire. I’m kind of surprised he’s not killed himself before.

No, Sookie, Eric was going to die for Godric, not you.

Eric and Sookie have a heart-to-heart
Take note this angle makes even super skinny Alexander Skarsgard look double chinned

The look on Sam’s face when he realized that Tommy skin-walked as him, priceless. Oh, and Luna too.

Sam cant figure out what hes more mad about Tommy firing Sookie or fucking Luna

The whole Arlene and Holly conversation was hilarious. Andy’s totally the king of romance with his on-sale roses. Knows how to charm the panties off any girl. No, Andy, you leave the roses. Holly gets to throw them away.

Of course, Lafayette can see the specter that hangs around the evil baby and its doll.

Yes, Alcide, I’m wondering if Debbie seriously is having this conversation too. Jason (my boyfriend) just turned to me and said, “I’m in love with Sookie” and then sang “Oh, Sookie” to the cat. Also apparently our cat is a were-dachshund. Wow, Debbie wears a lot of eyeliner.

Debbie and Alcides' bedroom talk
Oh Sookie Well do it in the daytime Bill wont know a thing

Antonia is not a neo-pagan. Nope, she’s all candles on fire and war. None of this goddess chanting and slug candles business. She’s skipping from sexy magic straight to the Dark Willow routine. Antonia: “We’ve been waiting 400 years for this.” Jason: “And she’s been writing this speech the entire time.”

I love when Jason shows up in major situations and try to figure it out. (My) Jason: “Jason can go down and cuddle with him too.” And same with Maxine and knowing her neighbor was a vampire. I do love that Jason’s going to save Jessica. At least Deputy Jason is being helpful.

OMG, they can’t kill Jessica!

Jessica goes the daylight
NO Now you remember how to do cliffhangers Ball

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