True Blood 4×09 “Let’s Get Out of Here” TV Review

Note: I reviewed all these episodes as they aired, just didn’t, you know, get screencaps or post them…

Bill is upset over Sookie
Wow looking old there Bill
Alcide on the other hand just looks like hes hurting himself thinking

I thought for sure it was Debbie knocking Sookie from Alcide’s arms. Nope, Bill, rushing her to her couch. At least remove Gran’s afghans, Bill. Bill got away from the witches and their silver looking only worried for Sookie.

Huh, Bill’s comment about praying and Alcide’s reaction to how they’re both godless (being a vampire and a werewolf) was a rather interesting comment on religion.

Can Antonia keep control of Eric “the blond one” Northman when she’s sleeping? She can’t stay awake at all hours.

Oh, looks like her little gang isn’t very happy. Or at least Tara and Holly. You know, the characters that we actually care about. Also Roy is totally teacher’s pet. So Antonia/Marnie is going to out all the witches.

Marnie hates tolerance
Marnie wants you to know that she spits on tolerance and then kicks its puppy

Sookie, those were not the words that either Bill or Alcide wanted to hear about of your mouth. “Bill, thanks for the blood” also wasn’t what Bill wanted to hear.

Actually Luna’s kind of right. Sam does constantly run away from his problems. And you can’t just go camping to get away from your bad daddy werewolf problems. Hey, maybe Coleman should make a commercial about this.

Alcide’s butt tonight. It’s so weird how dudes with really big pecks and arm muscles get weird armpit wrinkles. I’m totally distracted from this. Good thing Debbie’s glowing eyes are a huge flashing neon sign of danger.

Alcide is shirtless.
Alcide is shocked just shocked at what Debbies watching on pay per view I mean Justin Bieber concerts

Jessica crying to Nan is kind of hilarious. Hahaha. I love Nan. She listened to Jessica for hours. I love how much of a bitch Nan is and Jessica on the other side crying her poor little dead heart out. Why is the Festival of Tolerance taking place in Bon Temps? Seriously? Beyond that True Blood is set there.

Jessica cries to Nan over Hoyt
Boy angst I wonder if Ben Jerrys makes a True Blood flavored ice cream

Hoyt and I totally have the same phone alarm. We’re like bff. Haha, Jessica read Twilight. At the end of the day, so glad that possessed!Lafayette went to Hoyt’s house.

Hoyt and the Monster Box
Hoyt makes sure that Jessica cant hear the sound of his heart breaking

“Deputy Jason Stackhouse” — never not funny.

Sookie’s daydream is totally out of the 1940s or something. Good thing she’s wearing heels so she’s as tall as Eric. Helpful. Okay, I’m on board with Sookie’s dream. Except for the fang measuring. Why only have one boyfriend when you can have two?

Eric, Sookie, and Bill negotiate
This makes me want to clean off my dining room table

This whole Marcus thing is already boring me. Yawn.

Andy, there is no such thing as reverse racism. But there is transphobia, which is what you’re doing. Also the crack team of Andy and Jason is pretty dang amusing, minus -isms. (I’m not actually concerned that anyone, but Andy, is going to be hurt in this face-off.) Also I’m surprised Andy didn’t trigger Terry into a PTSD flashback.

Lafayette and Mikey
I cant even talk about how awesome this screencap is

OMG Sam turned into a domestic rabbit, not a wild one*. Also Sam is awesome. Bunny!!!

Emma gets Sam as a bunny
I mightve liked my moms boyfriends more if theyd turned into rabbits

Sookie is totally Holden in Chasing Amy. Only more awesome. I purpose that Sookie has the best idea every time. I love her little rant. She’s a woman after my own heart. “It’s either both of you or nothing at all.” WIN. Though I’m going to have to call shenanigans on the camera angle: complete and utter male gaze on Sookie’s boobs. *sigh* One step at a time.

Eric, Sookie, Bill threesome
See for Sookies fantasy the cameras gaze is all wrong And Eric and Bill need to shed some clothing

Maybe Debbie and Andy can go meet in rehab.

I *heart* you, Jesus. Also he’s probably the most effective person on this entire TV show. And the most compassionate. I hope that Ball loves Jesus and Lafayette together too much to kill Jesus.

Wow, Sookie, that’s an ugly sweatshirt pattern. Pretty sure I had a sweater with that pattern in 2nd grade. Debbie’s insanely crazy.

Debbie and Sookie are bff. Not.
Tea Crumpets And jealous hatred

Alcide, I wouldn’t go as far as kissing Marcus’ ring. I saw this Marcus asks Alcide to beat up Sam moment coming from a long way away. (Also Marcus totally reminds me of the guys that my dad drinks with. No wonder Marcus has creeped me out since day one.)

This scene with Mavis and her baby leaving was so weird. Yet oddly touching. And I think the special effects department did a pretty good job.

Jesus release Mavis and her baby spirits.
This is nothing like that rerun of the Excorist Lafayette watched last night

Sookie going all Nancy Drew is adorable. I assume that Debbie is the distraction. She’s a really sucky distraction with her million tells.

So after seeing Tara’s hand get burnt as she tried to the open the door, the other woman thought she’d try with her bare hand. No one can really be that stupid.

Oh, Bill and Nan’s snark. I love their conversations. This can happen more often. Especially their conversations about how to do civil rights rallies.

Tolerance Nan style

Luna wants you to turn into a bunny for her, Sam. Oh, Tommy, why would he go as Sam to meet someone who’s clearly pissed off at Sam. That’s just some dumb shit right there. (That and doesn’t Sam know Alcide?) So this is Tommy’s death wish. Yes?

Why did all the body guards go right after Eric? All three of them? That makes zero sense. One person always stays behind to watch the door still. Duh. Especially if it’s just one person.

Likewise, Bill wouldn’t leave his home without any guards around. If nothing else, there has to be information that’s confidential to vampires in Bill’s house. Or you know, someone to watch Jessica. Is it just me or do Jason and Jessica look like some weird teen romance movie.

Jason and his sexy face
Jason forgot his boombox and Peter Gabriel but brought his sexy face

Nan’s eyerolls are made of awesome. They’re not quite as good as Pam’s. (Where was Pam?)

I’m really loving how much agency Sookie’s having this season.

*I raised and showed rabbits for many years in both 4-H and ARBA. I know my rabbits.

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