True Blood 4×10 “Burning Down the House” TV Review

Note: This episode was reviewed before 4×11 so no spoilers beyond this one…

Sookie screams
Sookie just realizing now how horrid her sweatshirt is

Oh, Nan knocking down the cameras and that woman speaker saying “we’re you’re friends.” Also Nan stabbing the vampire with a pencil. Win.

Eric tries to kill Bill
This is not what Sookie meant by man on man action

Though Sookie’s probably gotten Bill into some trouble since he swore up and down to Nan that there was nothing special about Sookie. I suppose he could lie again. But something tells me that Nan’s not going to believe that.

Eric's spell is broken.
Sookies faery powers make everyone have that face
Mostly Nans pissed as her favorite pink power suit is ruined

Oh, Jessica’s experiencing a kind of sex guilt that her Bible-thumping parents didn’t teach her about. I love how Jason pretty much thinks Hoyt’s his saintly best friend. Jason just needs to start dating Hoyt. “Who’s going to make me forget?” Oh.

This is an interesting twist on skin-walking. Well, as much as Tommy plot can be.

Witch hostage camp
Witch hostage camp sucks this year

“Magic is not stronger than technology.” Hilarious. I like Holly and Tara becoming friends. Tara does deserve a friend better than Sookie. Oh, I think that Antonia/Marnie is cracking up.

Holly gets her witch on
Holly is taking life as a hostage by the reins

King Bill isn’t putting up with fuckery in his kingdom anymore. No more politics.

Sookie can’t find the soulfulness in Eric’s eyes. Wait, Sookie, I thought you wanted a threesome with Bill and Eric.

Pam is the best ever. Now she’s going to eat Sookie if she’ll heal her.

Sookie was actually shot in the situation before the one where she just saved your butt, Bill. And you should know better than to think that you can stop her.

What’s all this weird religious stuff? Like I can tell from the writing that the writer didn’t believe what s/he was writing. I’m happy for the end of the Tommy plot, but that was just a little bit melodramatic. And a way for Sam to realistically fight Marcus.

Tommy dies
Tommy dies all classy like in a bar on a pool table under a Budweiser lamp

I loved how long it took Jason to start to say anything after Hoyt asked to move in with him. Poor crying Hoyt.

Jason and Hoyt in the bachelor pad
Bachelor pad football beer and farting

“There’s a safety cap.” Yes, because most people don’t asked their children to open child-proof containers. I kind of adore Arlene in momma bear mode.

Jason always goes to Sookie’s when there’s something on his mind. So Sookie can just read it, and he doesn’t have to talk about it. “He drank 11 beers, and then started farting.” Yes, a good lesson about beer drinking.

Okay, I can buy that Jason is not caught up on current events, and the Tolerance Rally was in Shreveport, not Bon Temps. However, as a law enforcement agent, he should’ve at least heard about it. Even with Sheriff Andy not on top of anything.

Wow, Fort Bellefuer is indeed armed. Terry’s crazy. But the loveable kind.

Jesus is so the nurse in the group.

Lafayette and Jesus
Jesus is clearly in charge as he has the stylish robe

“Of course I know Latin. I need it for my job.” Oh, whomever is writing this is good with the quips. Tara’s kind of like the Cordelia of True Blood in her disbelief of magic.

I love this twist on how Marnie wants to take down the vampires and the human collaborators, and it’s Antonia that wants to run away. I always figured that Marnie was faking the bumbling shopkeep thing. I hope that the complexity of their relationship doesn’t die with Marnie’s convincing speech.

Antonia isnt really sure about killing the innocent

Pam, Eric, Bill, Jessica, and Nan should really hang out together more often. Win.

Pam and Eric
Poor Pam and Eric forced to sit in the cell and snark all day long

“It’s a repelling spell.” “Glad to know I’m not just chicken shit.” The dialog is just kicking butt tonight.

Scooby gang
The Scooby Gang huddles behind a truck to plan

Oh, I hope that Jesus doesn’t die. They really should’ve sent Jason in. Of course, he probably would’ve ran right into the field and got stuck.

Tara and Holly
Tara and Holly do the shocked face so you dont have to

“It’s a Latin thing.” Oh, freaky face. I’m interested to see where this goes. I hope that Jesus stays alive.

Jesus crosses the force-field
Cant read my cant read my demon face Yes I will take any opportunity to make a Lady Gaga joke

Marcus is such a creeper, and Debbie’s one of those women who falls for any kind of attention. Also, she doesn’t realize that Marcus’ attention to her as nothing to do with her and everything to do with Alcide.

Wow, I never realized how short Sam is. Or just how tall Alcide and the biker are.

“I don’t need an AK to hit a paint can.”

This Marnie/Antonia and Jesus scene is some really great acting. It’s awesome in showing so much about the characters and their internal motivations.

Times are always fun when Jason gets left behind with that look on his face.

I know we have to keep the plot moving, but I’m surprised that Andy “hit rock bottom” this quickly. Usually drugs take more time to wear off. And have more physical side effects. I mean, we did see Tommy die earlier this episode.

I love how excited both Jessica and Pam are to do asskicking. OMG, that was a ridiculous hero walk. Bill’s so short, and aren’t there any other vampires in all of Louisiana?

The Vampire Hero Walk
The Vampire Hero Walk

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