True Blood 4×11 “Soul of Fire” TV Review

I wrote this review before GeekGirlCon, and then I got a little distracted.

Holly, Sookie, and Marnie
Holly and Sookie have their and then shit gets serious faces on Even Sookies bosoms are helping illustrate

I love Jessica comparing silvering herself to PMS and Pam talking about how she has a manicure at 4.

Goth girl Casey shouldn’t have worn her red gloves. Obviously, she hasn’t been watching enough Star Trek.

Casey dies.
Poor redshirt Casey We knew you so little

Marnie should’ve known better than to kill someone innocent. I’m glad that Lafayette is there to interpret what was going on for everyone else. It’s nice when other people have knowledge. And also that Marnie doesn’t know that Lafayette is a medium too.

Oh, Jason, you’re such a dumb fuck. But at least you’re doing some good. The “Fucking Sookie” exchange is hilarious, and Jason standing up for Sookie is awesome. I love this a lot more than how in the books where Sookie and Jason have an extremely estranged relationship. Oh, Pam, calling Sookie a “gash in a sundress.” Love you always.

Pams eyelashes will cut you

When did black leather smack-down suddenly become a teen angst movie? Oh, and why didn’t they see the missing sheriffs coming?

Wow, Marcus is just batting 100% for being a sociopath. Killing Tommy. Kidnapping Emma. Trying to seduce Debbie into running away with him. And Debbie being all classy on her bed in her undies getting seduced by Marcus in front of Emma. Oh, Marcus, having children doesn’t work to get people off drugs. Plenty of people who are drug addicts have children, and maybe in some cases, their children do serve as motivation to quit. However, for most, children only make it worse. Of course, what’s really going to keep Debbie off the V is Marcus being a jealous creepy who will terrorize her and watch her every move. Psycho.

Emma run far away from your psycho dad Years of therapy and youll be just fine

I love nurse Jesus taking charge and making a plan.

Marnie keeps saying that she doesn’t want to hurt anyone. It seems like there’s a lot of justifying her actions there. Seems like Holly and Sookie are working the reverse psychology too. Probably not going to work, given Sookie is not very good at complimenting anyone but herself…I mean, lying.

Oh, Andy. You’ve got to be running into someone or something if you’re walking in the woods alone. Hey, it’s faeries. I wondered if they were going to come back.

Good thing there’s caller ID.

I think King Bill’s temper just broke. There will be no more bullshit in this kingdom. Of course, Marnie’s bringing Sookie as bait.

Wow, force-field bbq. Seriously, Eric and Bill are going to commit suicide to free Sookie. That’s dumbass stuff right there. Plus, Sookie’s powers could totally fucking break that force-field. Here she is not trying so we can have a crying over her men scene. Maybe Bill’s thinking Sookie will get pissed enough off to use her powers. And Pam’s like “no.”

Vampire dies
FX department FTW

The whole Sam killing Marcus thing is like a giant testosterone fest. And remind me, why does Debbie care? I mean, she was all “I love Alcide too much to run away with you, Marcus.” Also, Alcide is 200 times more attractive than Marcus and about 300 times less psychopathic. But the latter isn’t very hard.

Random thought: who’s running Merlotte’s? Just Arlene?

“Is your demon face going to come back?” Good question, Lafayette. Especially given how cryptic Jesus is being. Oh, Lafayette and me just lost our lunches.

I love that both Pam and Jessica are like, stop being dumb fucks. Good thing Jessica has no problem saving Jason. It was just of sad when he was like “I can’t see.” Congratulations, Jason Stackhouse, you made me feel sad for you!

Jason dies again.
Jason is like Rory Williams and Kenny this season He just keeps dying

Wow, Andy’s getting seduced by a faery. Doesn’t he know that she just wants his seed? Oh, faeries, don’t they understand that many human men will say anything to get into your pants?

Andy and the faery
Faery just want your babies Andy Im sure theres some horrible offensive trope in here Or four

Why would Alcide want murder to happen in his house? Especially his bedroom? Yeah, figured Sam wouldn’t actually do it. But Marcus will. Oh god, who got shot outside? Maybe I’m just having flashbacks to that Buffy episode. (No one shot, don’t mind me and my Whedon-PTSD.) Oh, they are going to do the abjure thing that the wolves do in the book. Okay, you do still have a body in the house.

Marnie should know better than to look to the future. Especially in a puddle of blood. Good thing she has a few more red shirts who we don’t care about to kill.

Seems like Jesus learned a little more than just stabbing goats in Mexico with granddaddy.

Oh, Jason, you are denser than a dense thing of denseness. Good thing Sookie can hear her brother’s thoughts like a megaphone at a sporting event. Sookie uses her powers. Of course, she does.

Bonus that Sookie has a fire-walking demon in the bathroom. Oh, look the fire just left on it’s own. (Poor Pam! What’s she going to do without Eric? He will have to forgive her.)

“I fucking quit this group.” — Good call, Tara.

Yeah, Eric, that was totally gross. Even for a vampire. Sookie’s totally not going to kiss you ever again.

Eric has a snack on some guy's heart.
Mmmheart shaped Slurpee Think 7 11 would market that Also Skarsgard has ridiculous cheek bones

Good job at shooting Marnie before she could curse you, Bill.

“Mikey could’ve made it home faster than you.” Hilarious. Also Andy explaining his fae sex life to Arelene. But did you use a magical condom, Andy?

Yeah, Sookie, I bet you wish you could read vampire minds right now. Also who just wants to hug Jesus?

Is this life-relationship-and-the-world philosophy with Jason Stackhouse, right now?

Oh, yeah, I kind of saw Marnie possessing Lafayette coming. Especially after he said that he and Jesus were safe. I’m really interested to see what Ball will do with next season since he’s basically wrapped up everything that’s in the books. (Next season was supposed to be all about Jason being a werepanther, but that’s definitely not happening.)

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