Herding Cats Graphic Novel Review

Erica gives this comic three stars

Herding CatsHerding Cats (Sarah’s Scribbles #3) by Sarah Andersen
#52Challenge prompt: a book you can read in a day

Herding Cats is my first Sarah Andersen book. My partner gifted it to me based on title. She’s one of those comic book writers who superhero nerds are like “what you exist?!”, and one that shows all the cracks in the direct market and single issue system. And she’s someone coming from a big wave of American web comics being picked up by publishers hungry for comics.

The book is generally enjoyable. The strips are autobiographical, and around Sarah’s observations about the world. A lot are about her cats. Continue reading “Herding Cats Graphic Novel Review”

Wonder Woman: Steve Trevor Special #1 Comic Book Review

Erica gives this comic two stars
Wonder Woman: Steve Trevor Special #1Wonder Woman: Steve Trevor Special #1 by Tim Seeley
Art: Christian Duce

This book has plenty of conflicting ideas about who Steve Trevor is and masculinity. It’s both a fascinating look at how men think about Steve Trevor, and how Steve Trevor must be special or an oddity in order to be able to 1) find Themyscira, 2) woo Diana, and 3) never be threatened by her. This special frames Steve as “Wonder Woman’s boyfriend” in the box with the creative team’s credits. Continue reading “Wonder Woman: Steve Trevor Special #1 Comic Book Review”